Never Changing

Brooklynn has grown up watching her dad beat her mother. She always believes that she deserves to watch this for she and her sisters have caused most of them. What she soon fines out is that it isn't her fault because it has been happening since the beginning of their marriage. Will her mother get tired of the beatings and leave or will she stay...


1. Years before..

It all started before I was born. I know, how do I know right? Well because I’ve heard stories. I’ve heard stories on how my father beating my mother. On how he put a gun to her head and said “ If you so make a move then you’re dead.” But of course my mother had to be herself and start back mouthing. He never did it though, he would go missing for days at a time. My father loves to drink. So when I was a baby, he would spend all his money on beer and other alcohol. Not thinking that we needed the money for diapers and other items around the house. My mother didn’t want us to pee all over the house, so she got a pair of undergarments and a pad and put them on me. Not that it helped much but it’s the thought that my father was so selfish that he didn’t help provide what we needed at the time. After I was born, he never really hit her in front of me but late at night when they thought I was asleep, I could hear her screams for him to stop through the thin walls. I used huddle up and cry with fear and pain for her running through my vein. My mother and father had an off and on relationship that would never end. During that time, he always got the house and we would have to stay with my grandmother who also has her other daughter living with her along with her children.
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