The Last Leaf

Maya just wanted a normal relationship. And once she met Ian, she thought she would. But Ian pushed her away. He tried to keep her from loving him. But when she finds out what causes his lack for love, she tries to help him; something no girl has ever done for him. Ian's life depends on a tree. A tree of which is almost dead. And once it dies, Ian dies.


2. Mathematics

Ian started walking to 7th hour--Math--As he pulled out a package of watermelon gum. He pulled a piece out, offering me one. I grabbed it, not aware that he was staring at my boobs. I followed his gaze, and then laughed out loud. He realized why I was laughing, and then looked at the ground.

"Nice, eh?" I asked, still laughing.

"Huh? Uh...Yeah, I guess". He was blushing. Damn he is so cute. As we approached Mr. Reser's room, Ian tripped on his shoe. I laughed. "What happened there," I asked. 


His face was flushed in an unattractive pale color. Was he okay? I couldn't bring myself to ask, so I just walked into the room. Desperately trying to be slick, I heard a muffled "Ahem." Shit! He saw me. I walked to the front of the class, to Mr. Reser's desk. He scribbled something on a Sticky-Note. He handed the little yellow paper to me, and it read:


Fuck. That was the last thing I needed today. He gave the same paper to Ian, and he took a place next to my desk in the back of the room. I listened to the stupid lecture as I day dreamed about Ian's lips on mine.


The day was over, but not for Ian and me. We went to our lockers (Which were surprisingly close to each other. # lockers down to be exact.) to grab our backpacks and phones.

"Give me your number so we can text during detention, okay?" I grabbed his wrist and pulled out my lucky blue pen, and wrote down my number. 

"Thanks. I was going to ask for it anyways", he said. I blushed a little bit. We walked away form the hall of lockers, which was about empty except for us. Mr. Reser was waiting by his door. "Come on in, kids," he said in a much too nice happy way. Ian and I looked at each other, as he mouthed Yikes.



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