A Recurring Nightmare

This is for the Strange The Dreamer writing competition! I decided to write about my most memorable nightmare! :)


1. The Tiles


 Running, don't step on the wrong tile. I knew it was one of them, and I always stepped on the wrong one, but I could never change what happened. The story was controlling me. I knew what was next. Here any second now, the wrong tile, endless falling. I had to run. Why? To where? I didn't know. I kept running until the story once again took place and I fell down the endless black pit of darkness. Until the world flipped and I was standing, staring at a gun pointed at my family, the look of terror resting on their faces. A man was holding the gun. 

 "No!" I shouted. "Kill me not them!" My eyes rolled back and forth in my sleep, my arms felt like ten tons of concrete. I tried to roll off of the bed, no luck. I was stuck to face the man with the gun. I knew I had to die and I couldn't let my family, but did I ever really have a choice? The nightmare was in control after all. Somehow I knew the man killed me, I never heard a gun fire or felt the pain, it was just a given. Sometimes my body would jerk awake and there would be beads of sweat sliding down my face. Other times, my body stayed put, starting onto another nightmare, my eyes glued shut, I was forced to enjoy another haunted roller coaster. 


 This all started about when I was six and still to this day I continue to have this nightmare and I can never change what happens. It's never longer or shorter. But I do have dreams that start in one place and continue on with a story, sometimes years in between the next chapter. But thanks for reading! :) Hope you enjoyed. 


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