The Lifeless and the Autism

The Lifeless and the Autism had their first meet after the news about the mysterious plane crash that was not on fire, the guradian of the twins, wounded, and the lifeless were taking care of them inside the mansion.

Who knows that the Autism meet the Lifeless had it's right timing.


1. Level 0

 Taking care of a person was an easy task, but somehow, it can be a big stress to correct them. But taking care of the sad twins and a horribly wounded boy, is worth the challenge to make sure that they will be better someday. But on my mind, I was trying to find many ways on how do I let them make a friend. So I am walking around the blue forest that was completely odd, it made me remember that time that there was a mysterious accident on that forest.

 It made me wonder on where is the parents on the girl, they trusted me to take care of her.

 But once I heard that accident and seeing that they both died, I heard a voice that was the girl survived the plane crash. It turned out horribly but I had not other choice but to obey that voice, and once I arrived at the broken plane. I saw a girl that I was suppose to meet, so I decided to keep her company before bringing her to my house to be taken care for.

 But looking at her, she was completely lifeless and can't even speak. I can't even argue about it, but at least I can make her to get some friends by introducing her to them, but once I take her to the mansion I had. An autism boy who can't even speak was starring at her, it made me feel like having an idea just to make them together. So I decided to bake some yummy tarts, but I don't really know on how will the lifeless and the autism get along?

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