The High school Baby



2. Chapter 2: 1 month later

Christian's POV:

I woke up before Dakota so I carefully unwrapped my arms from her and got off the bed. She started stirring in her sleep, so I stopped in my tracks to look back at her and when she didn't wake up I continued to the bathroom to take a shower after I grabbed my stuff of course. After i got done with my shower I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom to see Dakota awake. "Hey baby" I said going over to her and bending down to kiss her. "Hi" she said closing the space between us.

After a couple of seconds I pulled away from the kiss and laid my hand on her belly. We are having a boy, we haven't picked out a name yet. But I really like the name Noah Jacob Beadles, but I'm not sure how Dakota feels about the name though.

"Hey baby?" I asked carefully climbing over her and sitting next to her on my bed. "Hmm?" She said. "What do you think about the name Noah Jacob Beadles?" I asked.

She looked up at me and I heard her giggle. " I love that name Christian!" She said excitedly. I smiled and laid back down in the bed, we could actually go back to bed today.

Even though its a school day, Dakota isn't going because she wasn't feeling well yesterday during school.

So I ended up taking her home and now we are staying home today. "He's kicking again" She said smiling. I laid my hand on her baby bump and sure enough he was kicking once again. "He sure loves to kick" I said.

"Yea he does" Dakota said laying her head on my shoulder. "How are you feeling? I asked her. "A little better" She answered back. I nodded and started rubbing her belly.

I just can't believe in 3 months I will become a dad. " 3 more months Christian" Dakota said bringing out of my thoughts.

"I know, 3 more months and I will be a dad" I said "I'm going to take a shower" Dakota said sitting up. I got off the bed and walked over to her side. Then I grabbed her hand and helped her up. "Thank you" She said "Your welcome baby" I said back smiling. She smiled back then walked into the bathroom to start the water. " Do you need help getting your stuff?" I asked "Yea" I heard her say back. "Okay, what do you want to wear today? I asked again going over to our closest.

Yes we share a closet, I actually have a walk in closet so it works out perfectly. " Um leggings ,tank top and my gray cardigan" She said. I grabbed leggings, a tank top and a gray cardigan and then I walked into the bathroom and put them on toilet for her.

" Alright, your clothes are on the toilet" I said. " Okay, thank you" She said.

Dakota's POV:

After I was done taking my shower, I got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around my body.

Then I walked into the bedroom and went over to the dresser to grab a bra and underwear. After I did that I walked back into the bathroom to get dressed. Then after I was dressed, I walked into the bedroom and I didn't see Christian. "Christian?" I asked for him.

But I didn't get a answer back. So I walked out of the bedroom and walked into the living room to see Christian sitting on the couch.

"Hey" I said walking up to him and sitting on the couch next to him. "Hey, how was your shower?" He asked putting his arm around my shoulder.

"Amazing" I said. "I see you washed your hair" He said smiling down at me. "Yup, now I'm deciding if I should braid it or not" I said back. "Leave down" Christian said.

I nodded and laid my head on his shoulder again.

We are watching this Tv show that I can't remember the name of, but it's funny I can't tell you that.

After a few minutes I got bored so I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket and typed in my password. Don't tell Christian this but my password is his full name.

Anyway after I typed in my password I tapped on messages to see I had a text messages from Emerson and Fallon.. So I created a group text.

Text Convo

D=Dakota E=Emerson and F= Fallon

D: Hey sorry I just now checked my messages and saw your guys messages

F: It's okay

E: Yea, You aren't missing much in World Geography

D: Okay, thnx Em

E: No problem Kota

F: I'm just wondering, but why aren't you at school today?

E: Yea, I'm wondering the same thing

D: I wasn't feeling good yesterday, so Christian ended up taking me home. Today I am feeling a little better but not better enough to come to school. If that makes since

E: Oh and yea that makes since

F: What Em said. I hope you feel better Kota

D: Thanx guys

E: Welcome

F: Welcome, I have to go bell is about to ring

E: Same, talk to you later

End of Text convo

Still Dakota's POV:

After I was done texting Fallon and Emerson, I double clicked the home screen and I fully exited out of messages.

Then I put my phone beside me on the couch and I saw Caitlin come into the living room. "Hey Caitlin" I said looking up at her. Caitlin and I are best friends also, but she is more like my sister.

"Hey Kota" She said smiling. I got off the couch and went over to Caitlin to give her hug. "So how is my nephew doing in there" She asked pulling from the hug and putting her hand on my belly.

" Good, been kicking a lot lately though" I said back. "He wants you guys to know he's still in there" She said holding back a laugh. "Apparently so" I said again while starting to laugh.

I saw look over my shoulder and over at Christian. "Is he sleeping?" She asked still looking at him. "Looks like he is" I said also looking over at him.

Caitlin and I walked closer to Christian and sure enough he was asleep. So I got my phone out of my back pocket and took a picture of Christian. "Send that to me" Caitlin said.

I nodded and went to my messages and typed Caitlin's name which I had as sissy. Then I sent her the picture of Christian sleeping while trying not laugh.

"My brother looks so cute when he is sleeping" She said. "Yea he is" I said back.

Caitlin's POV:

Dakota and I pretty much are like sisters, we have been best friends since her, Christian and I were in diapers. In fact I'm the reason my brother and Dakota are dating, because if I hadn't got them to realize how they really towards each other.

They'd probably still hate each other and my nephew wouldn't be becoming into the world in 3 months. "So how does it feel knowing you are going to be a mom in three months" I asked walking into the kitchen with Dakota.

"To be honest, it's pretty scary knowing that" Dakota answered back. I went over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. "Do you want anything to drink?" I asked turning around to look at her.

"Sure, is there any more 7 up in there?" She said/asked. I looked back into the fridge and I saw one more can of 7 UP.

"One more" I said grabbing it and handing it to her. "Thank you Caitlin" Dakota said. "Your welcome" I said back shutting the fridge and sitting on a stool.

"Have you and Christian picked out a name yet?" I asked taking a sip of my water. "Yea I think so" Dakota said also sitting on a stool at the island. "What name" I asked once again.

"Noah Jacob" She said taking a sip of her drink. "Aww that's adorable," I said. "Yea it is. Christian actually suggested it" She said. "We have to go baby shopping for him sometime" I said. "How about right now?" She asked.

"We can do that" I said. "Okay I'm gonna go tell Christian where I am going, so he doesn't freak out when he wakes up and doesn't see me" She said getting off the stool.

Dakota's POV:

I walked back into the living room to see Christian laying down on the couch with his head on the arm rest. So I went over to him and carefully kneeled in front of him. "Christian?" I said running my hands through his hair. "Hmm" He said. "Caitlin and I going to go to the mall and get some stuff for Noah" I said.

He fully opened his eyes and looked at me. "I want you to lay down with me though" He said back. " I will when we get back" I said again. "Fine" He said. I smiled at him and kissed him. "Mmmm" Christian said against my lips.

I giggled after I pulled away and I looked at him. "Love you" I said getting up. "Love you too" He said. I walked to Christian's room and grabbed my UGG boots that were by his bedroom door.

I put them on and then I went back into the living room to see Caitlin waiting for me. Once we were officially ready we headed out the door and went to the car. "Just clothes?" Caitlin asked getting the drivers side.

"Yea" I answered getting into the passenger side of the car.

***At the Mall***

Caitlin's POV:

Once Dakota and I got to the mall, I parked the car and then we got out. As soon as we got into the mall we started walking to the Baby store.

Once we got into the Baby store we went over to the newborn section and started looking around. " What about this one?" I asked holding up a onesie with Mickey Mouse on it..

"Aww that's adorable" Dakota said. So I put the onesie in the cart and started looking again.

"Caitlin, look at this one?" Dakota said holding up a onesie with words on it saying Sorry Daddy(you now have 2 bosses).

I smiled and nodded indicating that she should get it. After Dakota put the onesie in the cart she started looking again. A few minutes later I found another one and I showed it to Dakota.

It didn't have much on it but it was still adorable. After a while we ended up with 8 onesies after we were done shopping. So after we payed we excited the mall and walked to the car.

Once we got to the car we got in and I started driving home. "Ow" I heard Dakota say. "You okay?" I asked looking over at her then back at the road.

"Yea, the baby just kicked really hard that's all" She said back. I nodded and continued driving back to the house.

***Back home***

Dakota's POV:

Once Caitlin and I got home, I got out of the car and went inside the house. Caitlin said she would carry in the bags and for me to go lay down with Christian.

I didn't see Christian on the couch so I went to his room and sure enough he was laying down on his bed.

So I took off my cardigan and boots and walked over to the bed and laid down with my back against Christian's front. I felt Christian wrap his arm around me and put his hand on my baby bump.

"Hey baby" He said kissing my shoulder. "Hi" I said while biting my lip. " Was he good in there?" Christian asked moving his hand up and down on my belly.

" Yea he was, until we left and got in the car" I said placing my hand on top of his.

"What did he do? Did he sit on your bladder again?" He asked. "Kicked really hard and no he didn't sit on my bladder this time" I said.

I heard Christian chuckle and then I felt another kiss my shoulder and then one on my neck. " What are you doing?" I asked. "I don't know to be honest" He answered back. I yawned and closed my eyes.

"Tired baby?" I heard Christian ask. "Yea" I answered him. "How did shopping go?" Christian asked again. "It was fun, we bought clothes" I answered. "That's good" He said.

I nodded and turned to face him. Then Christian laid on his back and I scooted closer to him and laid my head on his chest. After a while I fell asleep even though I wasn't that tired.

An hour later I woke up and I got off the bed to go to the bathroom. Once I was done going to the bathroom I walked out of the bathroom and walked out of Christian's room. “Christian?" I asked walking into the kitchen.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw Christian kissing his ex girlfriend and gasped loudly.

Christian’s POV:

Once Dakota fell asleep, I heard Caitlin yelling at someone, so I got off my bed and walked out of my bedroom.

When I got to the kitchen I saw Caitlin yelling at my ex girlfriend Lindsay. “Christian!” Lindsay said running up to me. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “I wanted to see you and get back together” She said rubbing her hands up and down my chest.

“Well I don't want to get back together with you!” I yelled quietly. “Why not” Lindsay (Author note; Sorry if your name is Lindsay. Just pretend its someone from school you really hate) said. “Because I moved on and my new girlfriend and I are expecting a baby in 3 months” I answered back.

“Well maybe this will change your mind” She said. I was confused until I felt her lips on mine. “Christian?” I heard Dakota say.

So I tried pulling away from Lindsay but she was holding my head so I couldn't pull away. A few seconds later I heard a loud gasp and I pushed Lindsay away from me.

I turned to see Dakota standing in the door way of the kitchen with tears going down her cheeks. “Baby it's not what it looks like” I said walking towards her.

“No stay away from me” She said stepping back. “Baby let me explain” I said again. “There's nothing to explain and stop calling me baby!” Dakota said walking out of the kitchen and I heard the front door open and close.

I turned around to face Lindsay and I saw her smirking. “Are you happy?!” I yelled. “ Yes, cuz now we can get back together” Lindsay say. “I will never get back together with you!" I yelled again.

“But I love you Christian” She said. “If you loved me you would let me be happy with my new girlfriend and soon to be newborn son” I said. “But what about our baby Christian?” She asked putting her hand on her baby bump.

“We aren't having a baby together! I used a condom when we had sex together. So that baby isn't mine!” I yelled again “Fine it's not your baby it's Coles!” She said storming out of the house.

I ran out of the house and went to the park, because I knew Dakota would be there.

Once I got to the park I saw her sitting on the bench so I ran up to her and knelt in front of her. “Baby, listen to me please” I said grabbing her hand with mine.

“You have 5 minutes” She said. “Thank you” I said smiling “4” She said “Okay okay. Anyway I told her that I moved on with you and she didn't like that answer so she kissed me” I explained.

“Why didn't you pull away then?” She asked standing up, which caused me to stand up also. “She was holding my head so I couldn't” I explained once again. “I forgive you Christian” She said.

“Good” I said leaning down and kissing her. I felt her kiss back so I wrapped my arms around her waist.

And Dakota wrapped her arms around my neck deepening the kiss. So I licked her bottom lip wanting entrance to her mouth.

She moaned and opened her mouth letting me in, I slipped my tongue into her mouth and tangled it with hers. “Christian, we are making out in the middle of the park” Dakota said pulling away from the kiss.

“Your right, let's go home and continue this there.” I said. She nodded and we started walking back to the house so we could continue what we started in the park.

Dakota's POV:

Christian and I are literally making out in the living room where anyone can walk in and see us. I moaned against his lips and I felt him pull away and kiss down to my neck. "Christian" I moaned when he started kissing my neck. I felt Christian smirk against my neck and then go to my sweet spot.

"Christian" I moaned a little louder. He stopped kissing my neck and he picked me up and carried me to his bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom, Christian carried me over to the bed and laid me down. So I carefully pulled him on top of me and I took off his shirt. After a few minutes the both of us were completely naked and under the covers. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Christian asked looking down at me.

I nodded while reaching over to the bedside table to grab a condom and then I put it on Christian. “Wait won't sex hurt the baby?” He asked.

“No, it's actually good to have sex during pregnancy” I answered him. “Ok, ready?” He said/asked. “Yes” I said.

Christian's POV:

I carefully got back on top of Dakota and then I slipped into her. "Doing okay so far?" I asked. "Yup" Dakota said. I leaned down to kiss her while I went in more and she moaned against my lips. So I started moving up and down while kissing her neck.

“Christian!” She moaned my name. Which made me go faster on top of her and moan also. “W-W-Wall Christian” Dakota stuttered. “Let's stay right here for now okay?” I said. “Okay” She said back.

After a while we both finished and I laid down beside Dakota. “Maybe we should fight more often” Dakota said standing from the bed and wrapping my bed sheet around her body. “Yea, maybe we should” I said back getting off my bed and putting my clothes back on.

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