Lost Memories

Being in a mental hospital could never be easy.

That's what nineteen-year-old Amelia realises when she meets Bradley Hunter. A guy who manages to make her feel like she's worth something, in the midst of battling her own demons and walking the road to recovery. They develop an intense, strong emotional connection that is unlike anything the both of them have ever experienced.

But Amelia feels as if Bradley is oddly familiar, the sense of safety and comfort she feels with him is something she has never witnessed.
Bradley struggles with the memories that come back to haunt him, but will they be the reason for Bradley to lose Amelia forever, or to heal her wounds?


14. Chapter Fourteen.



'Do you have a best friend?'I asked, walking along the road with Amelia.

She shook her head, biting her nails. I don't know why, but that made me sad.

'Well, we can be best friends.'

She looked at me and smiled a small smile.

'Okay.'she replied.

We neared my doorstep, and I saw she looked down at her feet. 

'Mom?'I yelled into the house.

'Yes, darling?'

'Can Amelia stay for dinner?'

My mom came to the door, wiped her hands down on her apron and looked at the both of us.

'Would that be okay with your mommy, Amelia?'my mom asked, kneeling down in front of Amelia.

Amelia nodded her head, a smile tugging at her lips. 

'I better go and let her know just in case she wonders where you are,'my mom smiled, squeezing Amelia's shoulders. 

Amelia bit her lip, looking at my mom walking towards Amelia's house.

'Come in, let me show you my room.'I pulled Amelia inside with me and we went upstairs to my room, where I introduced her to all of my toys. 

'Amelia, honey, come downstairs please,'my mom called. I put the toys aside and followed her down the steps.

My mom was standing by the door, her forehead creased. 

'Your mommy said she needed you home tonight, sweetie,'she said, placing her hand on Amelia's shoulder.

'Okay.'was all Amelia said, but she turned around to look at me and what I saw made me scared. She looked scared, as if she'd be doing anything but going back to her home. The place where she should always feel welcome and safe to go.

'Brad will see you tomorrow, darling,'my mom smiled, and so did Amelia when she left and the door closed behind her. 

I opened my eyes and realised how heavily I'd been breathing, and the sweat lingering on my forehead. Amelia's mom had wanted her to go back home that night, but why?

I still remember the fear in her eyes, as if it was crystal clear. The thought made me want to hit something. 




I ate breakfast seperate from Amelia, because she'd chosen a table that only fit three, her, Lola, and April. She never usually did this, and I couldn't lie, it did make me upset.

Now it was group session time, and when I entered, she'd already taken a seat between her friends. She wouldn't even look at me, but I knew she felt me looking at her. Her arms were crossed against her chest, and she avoided my eyes with all of her strength.

I took a seat directly opposite her. 

'Lola, would you like to share your improvements and down-falls from this week?'Dr. Johns questioned, but I wasn't paying that much attention to her words.

'My improvements have been not throwing up 3 times after eating, and my down falls would be throwing up every other day of the week.'

I saw Amelia squeeze Lola's leg, and she smiled warmly. That woman radiated kindness like no one else I'd seen before.

Dr. Johns said something else, but all I could focus on was her. 

'Amelia, would you like to say something on your behalf?'Dr. Johns asked, and I saw Amelia take in a deep breath.

'My improvements have been being able to sleep for 4 nights without waking up in the night because of a nightmare,'

She looked directly into my eyes now.

'..and my down-falls would be trusting the wrong person with stuff that are hard for me to talk about.'

What the hell?

There was an awkward silence after her statement, and soon after I could see the tears well up in her eyes as she rose from her seat and left the room in a hurry.

I followed her, opened the door and saw her sitting against the wall, her knees pulled up against her chest. I could tell she was crying, although she did her best to hide it. I leant down beside her and wrapped my arms around her.

'Please, don't.'she said quietly, rising to her feet.

'You can trust me, you know that,'I said desperately, holding her face in my hands. I could see more tears trickle down her cheeks and the sight made me want to rip my hair out, knowing I'd caused this for her.

She shook her head, pulling away from me.

'How can I? When you keep everything from me,'she wiped at her eyes with the sleeves of her sweater, making me want to hold her close.

'It's not as easy as that, please try to understand that I can't tell you right now,'I spoke, instinctively moving closer to her, only for her to take another step backward. Fuck this.

'This..this is all too much, I just can't,'she said, not looking at me in the eye. I pulled her to me by the waist and I could see the genuine pain in her eyes, which made me want to scream.

'Don't do this, Amelia. I..I can't without you,'I said, my voice growing quieter.

She looked me in the eye this time and said, 'I'm sorry.'

She pulled away from me and placed her hand against her mouth, more tears falling from her eyes. But she left my sight sooner than I could do anything to stop them.

'Fuck!'I yelled, throwing my fist into the wall.

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