Lost Memories

Being in a mental hospital could never be easy.

That's what nineteen-year-old Amelia realises when she meets Bradley Hunter. A guy who manages to make her feel like she's worth something, in the midst of battling her own demons and walking the road to recovery. They develop an intense, strong emotional connection that is unlike anything the both of them have ever experienced.

But Amelia feels as if Bradley is oddly familiar, the sense of safety and comfort she feels with him is something she has never witnessed.
Bradley struggles with the memories that come back to haunt him, but will they be the reason for Bradley to lose Amelia forever, or to heal her wounds?


15. Chapter Fifteen / I'm sorry!

First off, I have to say I'm super super sorry for not updating for months. I started high school in September, and I didn't know how stressful it would be and how much work there is to do, all the time. I simply haven't had the time to write or the want to either, since I've been having writers block too. But I will try to update more regularly and not let you guys down again! Again, I apologise, but do hope that you enjoy this chapter. :) 





The following week after I'd broke up with Bradley was pure torture. Seeing him almost every day, some days even hiding in my room just to avoid seeing him. It hurt, more than I'd anticipated, and I was ready to do anything to make it stop, to forget about it all just for a little while.


'Come on guys, you're in, right?'I questioned Lola and April, who both looked hesitant towards my plan.

'What if we get caught, or something?'Lola asked, leaning her elbows on the table in front of us.

'We won't, me and Bradley have done it and it was fine,'I reassured her, and April's brow began to rise.

'Don't you just want to breathe fresh air and eat something that doesn't taste like plastic? God, I just want to feel the wind on my face..'I trailed off, and that got the attention of my friends.

'How will you get the key?'Lola asked, a grin of excitement lingering on her features.




'Be quiet!'April scolded me, as I slowly opened the window, but it still creaked like a bitch. When I finally got it open, a rush of adrenaline swept through my body. 

'You ready, girls?'I said with a wink, and pulled the hood of my hoodie up. 

I climbed out first, and helped Lola and April follow. We went the same route Brad and I had gone that night, but I forced myself to rid my mind of any memories of him tonight. Tonight was about feeling free, and that included a guy I couldn't get over. 

When we reached the pavement, the three of us let out a squeal. I looked up and could see the beautiful stars, that I'd missed seeing when I was locked up in that place. We all breathed in the fresh, cold air of the night and I felt my lungs fill with oxygen, and I felt, in that moment, like I could do anything.

'Where to first?'I asked with a giggle, throwing my arms around my friends.




One. Two. Three. Okay, I could still count, so I must still be alive, right? I couldn't open my eyes, no matter how hard I tried. It was like a ton of bricks were replacing my eyelids, and I was having an inner battle with myself.


I felt someone shake my body, but I couldn't seem to reply to them. 

'Get up, please.'

I recognised that voice, it was Lola. Why was she telling me to get up? Where the hell was I?

'God, we shouldn't have let her out of our sight. We're such idiots!'

I heard footsteps near me, and I felt a strong pair of hands lift me into their arms. I had no clue who it was, since I still couldn't face the light.

'How are we gonna get back? Oh God, we're gonna get caught..'

'Don't worry, I'll take care of it,'a male voice spoke, and I was lifted into, what I gathered, was a car. The car began to move and I felt a hand shake my face, which forced me to open my eyes. Big mistake. My head hurt like never before. 

'Amelia, God, you're alive,'April spoke, as she gave me the tightest hug. 

'What's going on?'I said groggily, my eyes still adjusting to the sunlight streaming in from the windows.

'You don't remember taking anything?'April asked, as the car did a sharp right turn, making my body shift that way.

I was going to shake my head, but then I remembered a guy offering me something called LSD,  then I don't remember much besides telling myself over and over again that I'm not crazy. God, I fucked up.

'Shit..'I swore, massaging my temple with my fingers. 

'Where are you taking us?'Lola asked from the front seat. I couldn't see who was driving, because I was sat behind whoever was driving, but I did figure out from his attire that it was a male.

'Don't worry so much,'he replied, and I couldn't focus on the conversation after that, because my head started pounding and I closed my eyes once again.





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