Resident Evil: The Raccoon City Incident

A re-telling of the Raccoon City incident, featuring elements of RE2, RE3, ORC, and the Outbreak series. Features embarrassing incidents for characters at certain times but not overdone.


7. More Survivors

The scene in the room was tense. Claire had backed away from Sherry, shaken from almost being shot... again. The gunman spoke up again. "Good! Now turn around slowly! Oh, and drop that sidearm you have there first!" Claire spoke back. "I take it your a cop or something, right? Listen man, we were just having a little fun!" The man spoke up, firmer this time. "I'll be the judge of that! Turn around first!" Claire thought to herself, "Geez, this guy is a hard-ass."

Sherry could see that the man was a cop, dressed in a dark navy blue uniform, with R.P.D. written on it. She didn't want Claire to get hurt, even though she was kind of mad at Claire for getting out of hand. She took a deep breath and ran forward. "Wait, mister, please! She's just my older sister! She does this to me all the time!" Claire was shocked at Sherry. The man lowered his gun. "Is that so... I apologize." Claire at last turned around to see the man, young, with short dirty blonde hair and striking blues eyes. He looked good in his uniform. "So... you are a cop. A handsome one at that!" The man looked down, shy and embarrassed. "Yes, this was supposed to be my first day here. You probably already know what's going on. How long have you been out there with your younger sister?" Claire looked down at Sherry before answering. "A few days now..."

The man moved closer to the two ladies. "My name is Leon, Leon Kennedy. And who might you ladies be?" "I'm Claire, this is Sherry." "It's nice to meet you both. Look, we have a few survivors in that room over there," Leon gestured to the room behind the reception desk, "why don't you come join us. And we have a change of clothes for your little sister here." As Leon walked over to the room, Claire crouched down to talk to Sherry. "Older sister, huh? Quick thinking, Sherry, let's just hope we can keep the story straight, right?" Sherry nodded and hugged Claire. "I've always wanted a sister anyway!" Claire smiled. "Let's catch up with Leon."

Leon knocked on the wooden door. "Marvin, let me in, it's cool out here!" The door clicked to an unlocked position, and it opened, revealing an African-American officer in a uniform similar to Leon's. He sported a mustache and goatee combo, and his hair with dark and cut short. He scoffed. "Two ladies, huh! Always trouble... Come on in." Leon led Claire and Sherry into the room, an office cluttered with desks for the officers and detectives. The room was adorned with party supplies, including balloons and colorful flags. There were a few different people sitting down in the room: a chubby officer, a lady dressed in a bright sun dress, and a tough looking man with a mullet and dressed in prison fatigues. Marvin addressed Claire as she looked around her surroundings. "So, what do I call you two girls?"

Claire looked at Marvin, broken out of her concentration. "Oh, I'm Claire, the little squirt is Sherry. We're sisters." Marvin grunted. "I see. Looks like Sherry had an accident, I've got some spare clothes in the evidence lock-up. Come with me." Sherry looked at Claire. "It's okay Sherry, you can go." Sherry ran to follow Marvin to the evidence lockers, which is in a room in the top right of the office. There was some quiet for a while before Claire spoke up. "So, is this it? All the survivors in the R.P.D.?" The chubby officer responded. "Pretty much. We got a guy downstairs, Kevin, guarding this reporter who says he feels safer in his cell. A few hours ago, two of our officers Rita and Harry drove off with some civvies. They should be back soon for us. We just gotta hang tight and hope they made it. I'm Tony by the way, I handle the dogs here." The convict cut in with a condescending laugh. "We're fucking doomed. It's a nightmare out there! Be fucking realistic! They ain't coming back, when they're out, they're out and I don't blame them, not one fucking bit." The woman in the sun dress seemed scared. "We... we... gotta hang on to hope. What does a dirty criminal know anyway!" The criminal scowled at the lady. "You don't know shit about me lady. We'll see who's the first to go here." Tony yelled out, "Knock it off Nathan! You're lucky we even let you out." "Whatever, guess I'm the only one who sees things as they are around here." He turned to Claire for the first time. "You and your sister are better off out there." Nathan went into Marvin's separate office to cool off. Claire was speechless. Leon cleared his throat. "Sorry about all that Claire, not our best introduction." "It's okay, I'm actually pretty used to guys like him." Marvin and Sherry came back into the room, with Claire sporting a pair of basketball shorts. They were a little big on her. Sherry ran back over to Claire. "I hate these things Claire."

Marvin yelled out to the room. "Okay, everyone! I just got radio word from Rita. We're going to have to find our own way out of here."

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