You ruined me (re-write)

Ray, a 16 year old girl with the confidence of a mouse. Throughout high school years she becomes more and more confident, but what will happen to her progress when she meets two teenage boys who she doesn't realise will change her life for the better or thats what we all think. With two teen boys who have faces like angels you would have thought that they wouldn't harm a fly, maybe you thought wrong?


2. chapter 2

My day just got exciting, two boys in one day. Miss hooks was startled at first but I think reality hit her and finally she introduced them to the class "excuse me everybody but these are our two new students, Grayson and Ethan. Please go sit down" the two boys searched the class for an empty seat and I realise that I had a spare chair next to me, I look up to be met with beautiful hazel eyes looking into my dull blue ones. He smiles at me "hi I'm Grayson, erm is this seat taken by any chance?" He breaks the silence, I just shake my head not knowing what to say.

Throughout the lesson I couldn't stop noticing Grayson looking at me, it made me feel uncomfortable to have his eyes on me watching me every move I make. I turned to look at him and as soon as I did that he stopped looking at me " may I help you? I've been noticing you looking at me" his face turns a beat red and I could tell by the smirk on his face that I shouldn't have said that "oh sorry, it's just you have really pretty eyes and I couldn't help but look at them, was I making you feel uncomfortable?" And that's when I instantly regret saying anything.

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