The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


4. Love For the Devil

A morning since Anna died the next person wasn't for long as Rachel, Dean and Sam were working on a case with Naomi. Castiel was with Liv in the park where most of the sick would be at as this was her lesson and that was healing.

"So, all I do is touch?" She asked.

He nods "yes, then flap your wings and leave before seen."

She looked over her shoulder "how do I fly?"

Now thinking about it Castiel would have to teach her before the other lesson "now you mention it." He said.

"Too early for that isn't it Castiel?" Balthazar asked as this scared Liv behind her daddy's feet "oh don't worry sweetheart I'm your uncle actually all of us is from down under straight to hell." He took in the scenery "let me guess Castiel... flying lessons."

Simply he responded "yes." He gestured his hand to Balthazar introducing "might as well learn from your family, this is Balthazar one of your uncles so far."

Balthazar nodded as she wasn't afraid now walking up to him.

"You're the talk of heaven... and hell."

Castiel got curious now and gently pushed her behind him as she gratefully hid behind him head poking out "what do you mean?"

"Oh, didn't you hear? No course not alright... well I'd best keep watch of her Castiel all of them are after her."

"Them?" He asked stern, fists clenched. "Who saw us?" His usual husky voice showed now getting angry.

"Well your typical guess--"

Castiel flew with his kid to heaven knowing who spilled the beans as Balthazar was left alone.

"Michael..." he sighed shaking his head as he is well known of his brother doing that after Castiel knows what or who he is talking about without needing to finish the sentence "tried to warn him." He muttered to himself.


With liv he went on to find Michael and give him a piece of his mind learning much from humans this is how they worked things out, he had found Michael.

"So, you have decided to come... clever, solider."

"Why Michael? She is no harm."

"Not yet but will be."

He stepped closer and got the angel blade "you do anything to her I'll smite you myself." Castiel breathed heavily as his anger was building up.

The two began to fight when somehow, she snapped her finger and he was gone, built of anger she was able to do that.

"Well back to Balthazar then huh?" Castiel asked turning to her as his nose was bruised and hands.

Nodding she sent him to another spot with her and that was Bobby's house as they just dropped in seeing them work on the case still and her mother too.

"No leads?" She asked.

Dean shook his head no then looked at her "I want a rematch, that was so unfair."

"Too bad uncle dean I won fair and square." She said as Rachel was heard snorting laughing at her brother. "And oh, yeah my uncles are out to kill me..." she held up a hand as they were about to speak "Balthazar and Gabriel aren't it."

"It's Michael, he is after my daughter," Castiel said straight on.

Sam and Dean looked at him with Bobby also curious.

"Well one thing is for sure might as well dress you up and get your ass hunter." Dean got up kneeling down facing her.

"No, no way dean." Castiel protested.

"Come on she's twelve she can handle it, Cass."

"She's a child!"

"Yeah?! Wanna talk about children look at me and Sam think we didn't have a normal life?" He shouted.

Castiel looked down quiet, this upset Liv seeing Cass her dad shouted at as she glared throwing him across the room, walking up to him.

"Whoa okay, okay take it easy." Sam tried to calm her and Dean "I'm sure we can figure something else out."


Once taken care of Liv walked out for some fresh air she was liking the park until then she heard wings flap.

"Well didn't expect you to be my niece." Liv turned to the voice and saw him the one who was feared.

"You're Lucifer."

He nods "the king of hell well, hell himself and you're Liv daughter of Castiel." He knelt down as she walked to him.

"You work for me now uncle."

His face fell and looked surprised.

"Unless we want your powers taken away, do we?" She smirked folding her arms.

"Wait, what--" he said then began walking except he stopped looking down seeing a Devils trap.

Now realizing it he wasn't in the park it was just a vision as the scenery changed and they were back in the house where Sam, Dean, Castiel and Bobby were.

"Nice try uncle I wasn't going to let you out that easily." She to him.

"What the devil..." dean said not wanting him here.

"Relax I'll deal with Lucifer." She assured her uncle, Dean. "All little Lucy wants is some love."

He looked down immediately when said as this put them all in curious glances since Liv smirked and knew him like anyone a smart advanced angel.

"You love?" Dean started laughing.

"Hey idjit stop laughing at my uncle does it look like he has done anything, so far? Besides not able to move in a Devils trap." She sighed softly.

Lucifer put a face on that looked sad as he smiled standing there, Liv turned to face him and knelt down scratching the board.

"I'm... free?" He asked curiously.

"Yep, we're going to find you a mate."



Liv was with Sam and Dean Castiel and Lucifer out to help him find a love interest for him like in one of the fairy tale books only different heading inside a bar Castiel cloaked his daughter and went in with them.

"Alright, so we sit at a seat and wait for the catch of the day," Dean said scanning the place.

Sitting on a bench for everyone to sit he looked a little nervous which was unusual for him as Liv slapped his hands to get him to focus as dean rolled his eyes.

"Try to make yourself worth getting laid."

Castiel clamped his hands on her ears quickly before she heard that.

"Right... okay now what?" He shook a bit keeping it calm.

A waitress cute brown hair brown eyes came by as Castiel's hands were removed from Liv fiercely as she hates being treated like a child, she held her clipboard and pen.

"What can I get you, boys?"

"Just a vodka for us both," Dean told her.

She turned to Lucifer and smiled "and you handsome?"

Lucifer stammered as dean kicked his shin from under as that hurt he was able to talk looking at the little menus "I'll take a martini."

She wrote it down and smiled coming right back later on.

"Wow a martini not bad."

He nodded a lot "the rate I'm going... I'm gonna need it." He exhaled deeply.

The waitress came back with their drinks and she smiled "I got you an apple martini I hear they're really good, it's on me." She winked and stroked the back of his head before she left.

"Damn you are on a roll!" Dean grinned drinking his.

"Yeah, yeah guess so." Lucifer nodded and chugged a bit.

A piece of paper laid there as he looked leaving a number it was hers.

Looking over to Castiel they all gave him a look as he only has cheeseburger and fries with him whom he's sharing the fries with Liv.

"What? Jimmy's hungry." He said defensive.

All of them shook their heads with smiles having a good time for once as Britney the waitress watched and grinned darkly knowing her leader has come home.

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