The Angel Guardian

Castiel was assigned to a baby when she was born that baby was the daughter of Mary and John Winchester, Rachel Winchester, Janelle second rank angel powerful like her brother Castiel who is her real brother when Jimmy only and Amara has arrived gods sister with everything going on can she be stopped.


8. Carry on my Wayward Daughter

A/N: taken from ep titles: 200th Episode "Fan Fiction" and "Alpha and Omega" of Supernatural

Original lyrics:

Carry on my Wayward son,

There will be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry no more.


After a while Janelle walked down the stairs ever since giving up, she saw him watching something on the computer and looked to her dad with no pants and has basically unable to get rid of the image.

"Dad, really?" She asked.

Looking at her he wondered "what my little angel?"

"Your pants, please."

She sighed and went away to go upstairs then stopped in her tracks.

"Oh yeah, please for the love of you talk to Lucifer."

"No can do, can't give him what he wants." God turned to face the screen again.

She groaned and sighed walking up the stairs knowing she might as well deal with Lucifer on her own, weakened pounding on the door.



Crowley from downstairs off screen said I heard that! Sighing as she was weak enough she blasted the door open her eyes had turned blue like if a seraph like her brother Castiel and turned off the music.

"Ahh! Hey! Why did you do that." Lucifer complained.

"You need to march your ass down there and talk to dad right now or so help me I'll punch you myself down there." Janelle glared down at her brother as he sat in a beanbag.

"Or what?" He faced her looking up.

Exhaling deeply, she looked at him "don't make me get Castiel, to deal with you too."

"Oooh bring on little brother and see how that works out for everyone." Lucifer leaned back drinking his beer.

Castiel came in as he was hiding behind the wall to the entrance of his room as Lucifer scoffed not believing this.

"Oh look, Tom and Jerry. So, what now I'm the bulldog?"

"Brother please father is weak along with our sister." Castiel tried to speak reason with him.

"Nope... no way in hell am I talking to that man." He said turning away taking a sip at his drink.

Castiel and Janelle looked at each other and Janelle snapped her fingers next Lucifer was now sitting on the chair of the table that stood in the middle of the bunker, god was waiting for them to get Lucifer out to talk and get the 'I'm sorrys' out from both of them.

"Wha... hey!" He told them and snapped but nothing happened, breathing deeply Lucifer turned to face his father "Oh, so now you're controlling me?"

"No, it's a safe guard." Chuck told his son.

"Screw you." He said to them all Castiel Janelle and their father.

Janelle glared and slapped the back of his head for that.

"Ow!" He rubbed the back of his head and pushed her to the stairs.

Janelle was about to go for him but God stopped them standing in the middle.

"Enough! My children," he spoke calmer now. "Enough... now can we please speak in peace and harmony here get this all out."

Chuck slowly stepped away but once he did the two were going to go at it again, Castiel quickly grabbed hold of Janelle from under her arms and set her down on his other side.

"Okay sister that's enough."

"Enough Lucifer." scolded God to his son.

"I'll be at the bar." She zapped herself.

"For once I agree with that cherub." Crowley got up knowing what bar she's going to.

"Castiel help me up son, we might as well." He said looking at his boys who helped him up.


The others went to the bar as Dean went to talk to Amara by himself, walking inside they found Janelle drinking the whiskey from her glass with the bottle next to her.

"About time you guys came." She smiled looking at them.

"Hand me that bottle." Crowley said snatching it from her hand as she glared watching "share demon." Janelle jumped off the stool.

"And you shouldn't be drinking." Castiel took her glass "hey!" She them looked at her dad "dad!"

He sighed rolling his eyes and looked to him "Cass give it back to her, I'm not in the state of mind for this now."

Suddenly a huge crash made the roof fall in pieces, debris filled the air as they coughed once the smoke was gone they noticed Adam has arrived but weak.

"Adam?" Rachel wondered seeing her little brother.

"No... it's me." He struggled to stay up holding on to the table top

Janelle's eyes widened noticing him now.

He looked up and smiled weakly "hello sister," his glance was at his brothers "brothers."

God smiled sitting in the couch "hello Michael... do you ever listen to what I say."

Michael in Adams vessel looked to his father looking shocked he's here.

"Father?" Michael said surprisingly his expression changed as he turned to look between Chuck and Janelle "Why are you two weak?"

"And why are you here? You should be in heaven getting rest."

"Stress call, someone prayed," looked to Janelle playfully "for me to come."

God just a gave a look to his daughter shaking his head, Crowley had enough of this reunion feeling sick to his stomach snapping his fingers to turn on the TV. All that was on was the sun dying considering god and Janelle were dying.

He snaps his fingers again but it wasn't Crowley who did that this time. Chuck turned it off.

"Depressing enough as it is." He sighed and wished Amara wouldn't do this to both him and his child.

"I couldn't find Gabriel and Raphael... where are they?" Michael asked looking around.

None of them wanted to say what happened as the angels and God stayed quiet lowering their heads slowly to not say a word.

"They're dead." Lucifer told his brother and saw his mouth gap open knowing he didn't know.

Michael fell back on the bar stool quietly looking down not saying anything shocked and saddened his twin brother is gone and Raphael so many have died and not many fallen angels will survive at this rate.


In Janelle's room, she was lying on her bed as Chuck came in and had her head on his lap stroking her hair downward.

"You okay?" He asks gently "my child?"

She shook her head as he sighed sadly then began telling her "you know I can't work miracles... I'll try my best just lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more."

She smiled as Chuck said that and began singing

Carry on my Wayward daug-hter (daughter),

They'll be peace when you are done,

Lay weary head to rest,

Don't you cry no more.

Chuck continued to sing to her as she fell asleep on his lap moving her up further he tucked her in and kissed her head heading down he hummed going down the stairs sitting on the chair that contained the table in the middle of the bunker, beginning to play his guitar.

Once the chorus came back he strummed.

Carry on my Wayward child-ren,

They'll be peace when you are done,

Lay your weary heads to rest,

Don't... you... cry...

Chuck paused for a while and smiled at the three others who were asleep on the floor as he strummed the last part.

No... more....

As he held his guitar looking at his little angels sleeping, he heard someone off screen talk to him.

"Not bad... god."

God looked up and smiled "good to see you all again."

"We also brought you someone." One said.

There stood a girl with beautiful blonde wavy hair up to her chest she wore jeans and a T-shirt, as she smiled speaking.

"Nice to see you again."

Chuck looked up with a surprised look as the scene fades black now cutting it off from there.


Some hours now.

He was sitting in the chair and came over to her seeing she's been hurt and caught her quick before she fell as she was leaning forward on him now.

"Oh, Nakhti what happened?" He held her sitting her down in the chair.

"Demons... Crowleys' hurt really bad." She said weakly and smiled wide "but it's okay Chuck, I'm fine."

He was still worried about her and didn't buy that for a second at all "Lies and you know when not to do that in the face of me."

She nodded "right, sorry I just didn't think for a moment this vessel is well still new."

Chuck smiled and saddened seeing her weak then with little bit he had he waved his hand over her and used his powers to help her, heal her.

"There, couldn't let my best buddy like that."

Chelsea smiled and looked down at her healed body and looked up at him cheeks flustered she nodded "thank you, Chuck."

He smiled back and watched her remembering the dawn of time when it was just her, him and Metatron during that time before the world was created.

"Couldn't leave my best angel and scribe the way she was now, could I?" Chuck smiled at her.

Lucifer walked in with Castiel and surprised as Lucifer spoke "mom?"

Castiel also asked "mom?"

The two went over like little human kids to their mom when she's been gone for a few hours or so hugging her as Chuck watched happiness filled his heart she saw and smiled while hugging her 'sons' she would call them.

Metatron watched and rolled his eyes "that's great... I'm secondary scribe once more," he muttered to himself "I need a stiffer drink." He went over to go find some whiskey around.

"Oh, come on Metatron you love having me around."

"Yeah, I even tried to get you and this one together, did it happen? No! It didn't." He poured the glass.

Chuck stammered as he spoke "I just haven't gotten around to it."

"To what?" Now she asked curious.

He looked up at her and got up "no--nothing."

Chelsea raised an eyebrow "Oh so it's alright for you to lie? What happened to free will didn't you include that in the kit?" She folded her arms.

"Oh brother, enough already." Lucifer grinned looking at his brother Castiel and pushed her to him as he caught her.

The two stared at each other shockingly as she regained her balance seeing the boys run off quickly with Metatron behind leaving the two alone Chuck didn't know what to say nor did Chelsea as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear not used to being around alone with him for quite sometimes always have been dealing with her children or that she called children of her own when they were technically gods.

"Want to go to the B.G canteen with me, safest place ever created." He asked her pulling her strand of hair on her other ear as she blushed bright red.

The three poked their heads watching as Chuck sighed playfully "get out!"

The three of them ran for it finding save haven with Sam and Dean Crowley and Rowena as he laughed then turned to face Nakhti.

"So, is that a date?" Chuck asked.

She smiled looking down shyly "I'd love to.

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