The Bad -ass Luna

Artemis is a werewolf. She is the daughter of the Alpha of Full moon pack. She is 18 years old and is trying to stay as far way from her mate. The only problem is she is going to a new school. Will she find the person she was so desperately trying to avoid? Or will she attempt it all again and visit her past?


7. Artemis

When I wake up, flawless, I walk over to the mirror. Then I remember what that castrated bastard did to me. I grabbed a random top from his wooden walk in wardrobe. Where the fuck am I? Then it all came back to me like a bat from hell. I am so furious right now when I find him I will rip his balls off and strangle him with them. Then an idea came to me. I NEED TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!! I call from my iPhone 7, that made its way to the end of the bed. Sofia and I are going shopping.

I start walking down the steps and I remembered my bike might be here and I start running towards the garage to see my precious baby glowing in the sunlight. I swear down I love this bike more than I love Hunter.

That's not true,Bitch. My wolf said.

Yes it is. He marked us.

Yeah and we enjoyed it.


Yeah but now we can finally finish the mating process, and get down and dirty 

Clarissa gave a wolfy grin.

You perverted ass dog

My phone started ringing it was Sofia telling me to get to the mall ASAP!

***********************AT THE MALL************************

"Right I need something slutty! But bad-ass." I say smiling.

"Sure whats the occasion."

"The Mate needs to know what he is not getting"

"Ohhh Girrllllll" she says grinning

We walk into a shop pick up a sexy black crop top some high waisted black jean shorts and some thigh high boots. I pay at the counter and we both leave happy with our purchase. Sofia needed to go so she left me on my own in a store with a fabulous silver choker. I quickly go get it and leave the Mall.

********************AT THE PACK HOUSE********************

I bolt up the stairs to the room that I woke up in and saw the bed that was already made. I flung the bag onto the bed and hopped into the bathroom and turned on the taps, I saw the bubblegum scented shower gel and gave it a big squirt into the bath. I swirled my hands around in the bath created the bubbles. then I stripped grabbed a fluffy towel, boy was it soft, and got ready to hop on in.

When I got out there was a letter on my bed it said there was a meeting downstairs, I thought this was my chance to wear the outfit. Hunter was in for it. I slip into the outfit.


I walk into the room full off people, all eyes are on me. I see the Beta and I walk over. In the corner of my eyes I see Hunter I know what he is thinking. Surprisingly I'm not even nervous a bit and I seem to be getting the hang of it. As I swish my hips I walk over to the Beta and I ask for a drink. I bend over to do my lace up and I catch him staring at me. Hunter marches over in fury. I admit I'm quite nervous but I don't show it. He grabs my arm and pulls me closer to him and he growls

"She is mine."

I push him away I see the rage in his eyes, but I don't know his next move. And for the second time I fear for my life...

Hey my fellow wolves, I hope you enjoyed my cringe of a chapter and the next on should be out in a day or too. Thanks to my mate Raven001 so make sure you check out her account. Peace


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