My holidays have come to a end



4. My Pranks Never Go To Far

Alright lets zoom into the future (roughly one week before Christmas holidays)


Period 5- Maths :(

Just five minutes before lesson ended we had to pack up, Ruwaid turned his back therefore giving me the chance to steal his red pencil case.Once I took it, I waited for him to notice, after about 1 minutes he turned sharply and without him noticing I sniggered .I was just waiting for him to notice but he never, so therefore I kept it until until he noticed.When lesson finished I told Amaan what I had just done, he was just laughing, I thought he might not tell but you should never believe your instincts because he obviously told.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs Ruwaid asked me for the pencil case, slyly I told him it was back at maths,  slowly he walked up to maths.This gave me a chance to leg it so I did.Because I walk home and he goes the same way as me, he caught up to me and asked for his pencil case, I said to him I did not have it. Before he could reply I ran away from him.

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