It's so confusing! You like him and he barely seems to notice you! But what am I supposed to do? I can't afford losing him. I love him. I need him...


14. Wherever you are...

Luke's pov

I sat in the jail cell quietly. The thoughts racing in my mind were the only sound to me right now. Why would my mom do this to me? How's jack? Calum! Where is he? I miss him. What about Malory? What if I do get convicted? What if I never get out of h-?! But my thought was interrupted by an officer unlocking my cell door. 'You have a visitor'  he said handcuffing me to lead me out. 

As we walked out there stood Ashton and Mikey and Calum! The officer uncuffed me as I ran to them and they engulfed me in a group hug. Calum was crying. I broke the hug and gave them each a personal hug (and I kissed Calum's neck while  giving him his :] 

"So are you going to trial or something?" Ash asked. "Yeah 2 weeks from now on Tuesday at 9:15 am" I replied. 

"Why would anyone say you would ever so such a thing!?! And it was your MOTHER?!?!!!" Mikey said after I explained the story to them. Cal stood up and walked around angrily. Michael's knuckles were white as snow and Ashs face was redder then  Michael's hair. My leg shook up and down uneasily. "What about Malory?" I asked. "She said she's never coming out of her room until she hears the words 'we find the defendant innocent'. She doesn't eat sleep or anything, just cries and looks out her window" Ash repiled. My eyes clouded with tears.  


Why me?!

Why this scenario?!

Why now?!

Can anybody hear my cries of pain? Is anyone there at all?

Cause I am barely hanging on...


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