It's so confusing! You like him and he barely seems to notice you! But what am I supposed to do? I can't afford losing him. I love him. I need him...


16. The verdict

Luke's pov

Thrre I sat. In my seat waiting to hear the verdict of the jury. I've been in courts so many times now, it was second nature to be handcuffed and shoved in a seat. But i wasn't In a ordinary seat today. I'm this seat I would hear the judge call out the rest of my life. I would see Cal cry tears of happiness or pain. Everyone showed up. Even Malory. Then a sudden noise brought me away from my thoughts. It was the judges gavial. 

Its time.

At first, I didn't understand what she said. Her lips moved in slo motion and a scream of agony came from behind me.


But I have done nothing wrong! Wasn't the evidence too obvious? But something worse came to me.The scream was from Calum. CALUM. I ran from the officer about to handcuff me and ran to him. I only touched his lips before I was slammed onto the ground. I was crying now. Not for me, but for Calum's and Michael and Ash and everyone else. I see my mom out of the corner of my eye hugging my brothers with the most cruel smirk on her face. Why? Why did she do this? I was her son. Her own flesh and blood! I thought she loves me. But I don't care now. All I want to be loved by is Calum. 


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