It's so confusing! You like him and he barely seems to notice you! But what am I supposed to do? I can't afford losing him. I love him. I need him...


3. Party Tech

Luke's POV 


Ash told me we were just having a guys night. NOPE. Here we are at some random guys party. Me and Michael are just sitting here when...


theres Ash and Calum. Oh no 

so yeah I like have this crush on Calum. I see him everyday atthat coffee   shop he works at. The only reason I kept coming was so I could see him and talk everyday. But he's here now! Why didn't anyone tell me? I can't believe this! 

He walks in so smoothly and has this black muscle tee showing his few tattoos and his smile is gorgeous and his shirt has holes at the top and ash said something and he laughed omigod just shoot me!!! 

"Hey guys" ash said


"uh h-hi guys" I stutters 

wow. So smooth, way to go Luke.

way. to. go.

Calum flashes me and smiles with a "hey Luke" and so I reply "...hi" and smile back. "Where's mike?" He asked. Oh no. Does he...? We all look around for him and eventually see his red hair. "Oh! There" I say. We all hurts into laughter as this girl just keeps it coming for him. "He's so drunk" cal said. Suddenly a phone rang. "Sorry guys I have to take this" ash said. Crap. It's just us. Juste and Calum. Oh lordie.

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