It's so confusing! You like him and he barely seems to notice you! But what am I supposed to do? I can't afford losing him. I love him. I need him...


10. Climatic

Luke's pov

i woke with the sun shining bright in my face, and realised Cal wasn't there. But, the smell of bacon floated in the air, and I slowly jumped outta bed. 

I ran down the stairs just to see Calum and Malory making breakfast.

"Um...hey guys" I said. "Hey" they replied. "What're you doing here Mal? I thought you left" I said

"Luke! Me and you live here. I just went out with a few friends last night then came back around 10" Mal replied.

* skip breakfast * 

"So what are we doing today?" I said as I pulled Calum to my chest. "I dunno" he said burying his head in my neck. "Me and  Sophie are headed to the mall if you guys wanna come with" Malory said. "Nah" we said in unison. "Ok guys. Cya" she said leaving. "Bye" I said " bye" 

Calum just laid on my chest as i held him close. Suddenly I felt a tear fall on my shirt, as I noticed it was Calum's. "Cal?" I said.

He burst into a million tears. "Oh bb" I said. He sobbed into my chest, and yes I might've shed a tear or two. 

" I got a call from my parents and they were just rambling on about how pathetic u was and how the days dragged on for them knowing my name. The said the hated me and never wanted to see my face again!" He sobbed. Anger gripped my gut. How could they!? I rubbed Calum's back until he calmed down. " it's ok calum, it's ok" I whisperd. I hears him quiet down and sniffle a little before he stopped crying. "It's gonna be ok Calum. I'm gonna straighten this out. I love you" I said. He nodded and sniffles again. " I love you too" he replied. I kissed his head as we just sat there in silence, before  we heard the sound and sight of flashing blue and red lights. 

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