The Huntress

When you die you expect to have a beautiful existence, and for most it is. But I am not most, I am the Huntress. I am the first woman warrior.


9. Talking with Mr. Black

Once we got out, we found Mr. Black, and a few others organizing a rescue team. A cheer went through the group as they noticed us leaving the mine. As the group pulled Cleo and Jason out, Mr. Black pulled me aside.

“I got a call 10 minutes ago from one of our undercover agents. He said we needed to get here immediately, that you both were in trouble, but that Cleo was safe in your car. Yet when I arrived there was no one here. What happened? How did you get out unharmed?”

Mr. Black looked so confused, I felt bad that I didn't exactly have answers for him. I could answer one of them though. “When we arrived we split up to search for Cleo. I could trace her magic a little but wasn't sure, and had trusted that Jason was strong enough to deal with whatever got in his way. That was my first mistake. I found Cleo weak and had to carry her to the car. Once I had gotten her settled, I tried to contact him. Since he didn't answer after 5 minutes of trying, I decided to go in and find him, leaving Cleo in the car alone. That was my second mistake. I had  thought she would stay in the car, considering how weak she was when I found her. But she came in after us, I’m guessing a few minutes before you got here. Anyway I had gone in to find Jason and ran into the creatures that killed me. Jason was drained of his magic. The guards watching him led us to a cavern holding their Queen, my killer.” 

Mr. Black interrupted me asking, “How was she able to drain Jason, and why aren’t you drained?”

"I'm not sure how she is able to drain people of their magic, but I either was not there long enough, or there was a reason to let me have my magic. I don't know the reason, But I will find out. This mission is not over yet. One of her servants, I'm guessing your agent, helped us out. He seemed to know more about me and what I am then anyone else. Now if you will excuse me, I need to check on Cleo and Jason." I believe that Jason knows more than he told me earlier, and it was time to get some answers.

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