The Huntress

When you die you expect to have a beautiful existence, and for most it is. But I am not most, I am the Huntress. I am the first woman warrior.


10. Questions

As I walked up to Cleo, I noticed her energy returning. That was good. What she went through won't leave a lasting effect. "How are you feeling Cleo?" I asked her as I watched Jason. His energy wasn't returning, if anything it was fading... and fast.

"I am fine, she didn't really want me. She just used me as bait." She responded quietly, looking around, as if not wanting others to hear.

"Do you want to talk privately?" She nodded. We walked a short distance away, but still in line of sight of Jason. "Okay, we are alone. What's going on?"

"She wanted me to lead you to her. I don't know why she wanted you, or how she knew I would lead you to her."

"That doesn't matter right now. Do you know how she took your magic?" I needed to know this to see if I could help Jason. "Do you know where the energy goes?"

"I don't know how she took the magic. I'm sure her bodyguard, servant guy knows. Selene takes the magic. She absorbs it somehow." Cleo started to sag from exhaustion. It was time to let her rest.

"Okay Cleo, lets get you home. I have more work to do."

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