Stone Heart

Aaron is separated from his friend and kingdom. He must fight to get to his home! But when a terrible truth has been spoken, his whole life could be in danger. Darkness will rise. He Must face his fears!


1. The Borders

      This is a story about a boy. His name was Aaron. Aaron was a good boy. He was strong, brave, selfless, and funny. He lived in a kingdom known as Keystone Castle.

      The King and Queen raised him and when he was old enough, they wanted him to be an archer. He accepted. Archery was his best skill. He had a great aim too. Aaron had a few friends. But none of them had time to be with him (for some reason).

      The only friend that could spend anytime with him was Eric. Now, Eric was Aaron's best friend. But, Eric was a boy who would always get into trouble. Eric was a sort-of spoiled boy. He was stubborn, silly, kind, but sometimes (a lot of times) rude.

      Eric always has dirt on his face. Probably because he lives on a farm. He always talked to Aaron in secret about his teachers. Eric always told Aaron to promise him not to tell the teachers about the rude things he was saying about them. But eventually he doesn't keep his promise. He just doesn't want to keep things like that hidden.

     One day, Eric and Aaron went for a morning walk. They saw that the border gates were open. "Hey, wanna go out there?" Eric asked with a curious look on his face. Aaron shook his head. "No, I—" 

     "What's the matter? Are you scared? There's nothing to be afraid of." Eric interrupted. "No, I'm not scared, it's just... it's against the law to go outside of the Kingdom's borders." Aaron said. Eric shook his head. "Well, if that's the law, than why are the gates open?" Eric said with suspicion.

      "I don't know but — I don't want to go. And don't you dare think you're going either!" Aaron argued. There was an awkward silence between them. All of a sudden, a roar came from behind them. It was a Flame Wraith.

      Aaron spun around and got out his bowstring and picked an arrow from the quiver. He pulled it back and shot the creature through the chest. It screamed in pain as the arrow stuck in it's chest. It's flammable body went out and turned to ash. "WHAT ON EARTH? Where the — how the— Where the heck did that thing come from?!" Eric shouted.

      Aaron put his bowstring on his shoulder. And said, "Well, i'm guessing it opened the gate. Somehow. The gate is cursed. It can't be opened by anyone but the King and Queen." "We have to close the gate!" Eric said. But an unfamiliar voice stopped them. "Well, That won't be happening. My name is Dragonic. Now come with me, young archer, or die a painful death." 

     Eric sprang forward and tried to kick the man on his shin but he blocked it and punched Eric in the face. He flopped on his back with a thump. "Ow — my... face... hurts." He said while trying to get to his feet. "What a baby." Dragonic  said. 

    "Hey, leave him alone!" Aaron hissed. He got his bowstring out again... but this time, Dragonic was too fast for him. Then Dragonic pushed Aaron down. "Now, we don't want this to be bloody, so get up and tell your friend goodbye." Dragonic said. As Aaron slowly got to his feet, he said, "I don't want to put you in danger, Eric. Or the Kingdom. I'm sorry.... I must go. I'll come back for you! I promise!"

      And with that, Aaron and Dragonic vanished in thin air. Eric fell to his hands and knees. He felt angry and afraid that he wouldn't see his friend ever again.

      But then he got up and stared into the horizon and said to himself, "Aaron, I will fight for you. And I will never forget what you've done for me." 




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