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2. Why lie


   Rosie: So right now I'm so sad *cries obnoxiously* no ones ever asked or commented *starts laugh crying*

   LJ: Calm down Rosie just because no one comments doesn't mean they didn't think about it *awkwardly patting Rosie's back while trying to be comforting awkwardly*

   Jeff: Oh come on, she's doing it again isn't she? *sighs about how life hates him*

    Slender man: -Children let Rosie have her tiny panic attack and then we will talk to her- *giving them a stern nod*

    Jeff: Don't come to meet when her panic attack isn't little anymore and she kills you all *Jeff whispers to himself*

    Rosie: *stands up,  wipes eyes and the dust from her pants* anyways you should *sniffles* comment or else I'll die from border and them not having anything to do so they kill me even if they can't..... *turns and walks away*

     Masky: *looks at hoodie*

      Hoodie: *looks at Masky*

      M&H: We'll go check on her *looks at everyone then stands up in the direction of Rosie* bye




    A/n from Rose: 

          Sorry I haven't been on in a while I had some stuff to do anyways please comment or whatever,  and yeah see ya

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