The Videographer

Just a basic story about a girl falling inlove with the beautiful Jack Avery.


1. Chapter 1

Amber's POV
*5 months ago*
"Baby, I'm home," I said walking in like it was my apartment. I love doing that. I cancelled work today thinking I would surprise my boyfriend, Jason. I brought him breakfast. I set the food down on the table until I hear a moaning sound in his bedroom. I just stood there trying to understand what I just heard. It stop. I guess it was just me. I start taking out the food out of the bag until I hear it again but louder. "YES, YES, YES! FASTER, FASTER, FASTER! FUCK JASON, YES!" Said a female's voice. What the fuck?! I run to the bedroom door and slam it open, with full speed. No no no no. I see the love of my life inside of another women. I start crying while putting my hand on my mouth. He noticed me there and he quickly grabs the blanket and says "Babe, please it's not what it looks like." He says while holding the blanket on his private spot. The girl just grabs her things and runs out of the room. I turn around trying to understand what was going on. Everything was happening so quickly. I was breathing heavily. He comes up to me and tries to put his hands of my face. I move away, not crying anymore but angry as hell. "Babe please!" He says. "Leave me alone," I say angrily and grabbed my things. I opened the door to leave when he said "Fine, leave then. I don't care. You were never going to do with me anyways." He says breaking my heart with word that came out of his mouth. His voice sounded so harsh and cold, like he never care, like everything he said was lie..... like loving me was a lie. I walked out trying to control everything. I'm a mess.

*Amber works for a fictional famous 17 year old YouTuber called Carrie Brooks. Amber is her videographer and her photographer. Carrie has her own YouTube channel that has 6 Million subscribers. She does comedy videos and she is a Vlogger so keep in mind that she is not real but just for the story.* 
*5 Months Later* 
I woke up to the sound of loud music. "Wake up!" Carrie yells in my face. "I'm up!" I yell at her. She laughs. I swear, I love her but she could be a pain. "Get dress we have to vlog today and guess what?!" She asks all excited. "What?" I asked while getting out of bed. "I got us tickets to the Why Don't We concert, here, in LA! And they are VIP tickets!" She says so excitedly. I giggle. "And I'm guessing you're excited?" I asked sarcastically, getting ready to brush my teeth. She stares at me at the doorway of the bathroom. "Excited? I am more then excited. Look, what I made!" She says happily. I put back my toothbrush when I was finished. When Carrie comes back, she comes back with multiple drawings. The drawings were each member of Why Don't We and let me tell you, Carrie knows how to draw. "Oh my god! Carrie these are amazing!" I said so amazed. " I know right." She says smirking. "When is the concert?" I asked while walking to closet. "Tomorrow but we need to go shopping to pick out an outfit." She says playing Taking you from Why Don't We. That's my favorite song from them. "And why do we need new clothes just for a concert?" I said pushing her buttons. She looked at me annoyed. I giggled. I put on a cute sunflower dress with my black vans on. I let my natural hair down today. Like everyday. My hair is brown, short, and curly but I love it that way. I put on a little bit of mascara. (And by a little bit, I actually mean a lot) During that Carrie already started vlogging. When I was done, I grabbed my camera and everything I needed for the day and left with Carrie.

At the end of the day, Carrie had so many bags and I only had one bag and it was a cute summer dress. Finally, she ended the vlog and now she needed to edit it. After she was done, she came to couch where I was and sat by me with a tired look on her face. "You okay? You look tired." I said while turning the bag of chips to her direction. Put her hand in the bag of chips and putting a chip in her mouth. "I love making videos, I just hate editing them." She says while chewing. I giggle. "Well, tomorrow is going to be a good day," I said smiling at her. She looks at me with a smile from ear to ear. "Oh my God, I need to choose my outfit!" She says getting up. I laugh. "Well I going home. See you tomorrow Carrie." I said, getting my camera and things. "Bye Amber, btw come to my place at 9, okay?" She says. I nod. "Okay, good night." "Good Night!" She yelled from her room.

I get to my apartment and open the door. God, I'm so tired. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

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