60 days to find love

All my life I have lived in fear of my mother and the practically unbreakable curse. I must find true love and in 60 days or I would be punished to an eternity of pain and misery. How will I do this when I find the one? Who knows? But I do not plan on going down without a fight. A fight for my freedom, my life

Cover by: Infinite_Exho. She makes really good covers. Go check her out.


12. Chapter 11

It was Saturday afternoon and I had 2 hours to get ready for the party. Had I picked out an outfit? No. Had I done my makeup? No. Dear lord Raven get a grip.

A sudden thought appeared in my mind. Ash was probably going to be there. Right that means time to look my best. Looking through my whole wardrobe I narrowed it down to two dresses. A black dress with triangular holes on the side, which finished around half-way up my thigh or a sparkly gold dress with long lace sleeves. After trying them both on I decided on the black one as the lace sleeves started to get itchy after thirty seconds.


Great, Lucy was here already. She rushed in on me zipping up my dress.

"Girl what have you been doing all day? Sit down, shut up and let me do your makeup."

I was pushed into my desk chair and she got out her purse filled with makeup. After 10 minutes of her dabbing liquids and powders on my face, she announced that she was done. I slowly turned around and was ready to look in the mirror when I remembered I had covered it and had no intention of take the white sheet off. Great. Now I'd have to go to the party without knowing what my face looked like. Oh well.

Shoving my black ankle boots on (no way in hell was I going to wear heels) I half dragged Lucy out of my front door and locked it. We then jogged to her car and jumped in.

"Step on it Lucy!" I yelled and she slammed her foot on the accelerator.

Arriving at our destination, the butterflies in my stomach started fluttering and my palms were getting sweaty. What would people think? What would HE think?

Hey everyone. Long time no see. This is a really short chapter as I just wanted to see if anyone would continue reading. I kind of got bore of this story and I don't think it has a very good plot or character development so sorry for that and the mistakes. I might finish this. Might not. TA xxx

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