You Don't Own Me

Four years after the incident, Elena comes back seeking nothing but revenge on the one person who turned her. This is a problem for Damon, Stefan, and their friends. The only person who can "fix" her is the one who turned her - Damon Salvatore.

*Disclaimer: A/U. This story doesn't take place within the show or book series.


1. She's Back

"Okay, it's the summer before our last year of college, and we're doing nothing." Caroline sat down at the table. The group of friends were gathered at Mystic Grill to plan another party before they part their ways. Tyler brought up the idea of having a party at his place. While everyone agreed to the idea, Bonnie entered Mystic Grill to join them at the table. "You'll never guess who's back in town." said she. Everyone exchanged glances with one another. Tyler and Matt had confused looks on their faces.

Stefan's eyes averted to the entrance of the Grill. Everyone's heads turned towards the direction of the entrance in time to see Elena walk in. Caroline uttered a word under her breath, only for Stefan to hear. He had reached over to hold her hand and gently caressed it to reassure her. Elena was their old friend from high school who had moved to New York during their Senior year. Though within the last four years she had gone, everything started to change.

"Glad to see everyone's still here." said Elena. The girls could tell how sarcastic she was being. Caroline rolled her eyes. Bonnie said nothing. Matt and Tyler were the two boys that treated her right. "How was New York?" asked Matt. At some point during the eighth grade, Matt had a huge crush on Elena. The two of them dated briefly during Freshman year before breaking up. They ended up being close friends until her move.

Elena had only chose to talk to Tyler and Matt when she had moved. "The weather was nice, quite enjoyable. The winters were the worst." No one offered her to sit at the table because of the incident which happened during Senior prom. "I wish you guys would've come along during the summer. We would've had so much fun."

"No one really cares about New York." said Caroline. The two girls used to be close, so close that they considered each other sisters rather than friends. "No one wants you here either." Elena nodded and started to walk away until Tyler had opened his mouth to suggest a party that he'll be having at his place. Before Elena had turned around, everyone (except Matt) gave him an evil glare. Everyone knew how much Tyler liked Elena. He even asked her to homecoming Junior year, but she had turned him down because she had found herself a better date.

It didn't stop him from trying to get a chance to be with her. Tyler was just glad that they could be friends, despite her choosing another guy over him. Elena considered Tyler family while Matt ended being the best friend. She turned to face the table upon hearing Tyler's invite. "Ty, as much as I would love to go-"

"Please? It won't be fun without you." He interrupted. Elena noticed that his statement made everyone else groan or roll their eyes. She told him that she'd think about going before heading out of Mystic Grill. Tyler knew it wasn't a guaranteed yes, but he still couldn't help himself and be hopeful that she'll show up. He would still text her to let her know the date and time of the party, in case she wanted to attend. "Do you know what you've done Lockwood?" Bonnie turned her attention towards him.

Tyler started to look innocent, but it wasn't as believable as he thought it'd be. Caroline had gotten up and grabbed her stuff before exiting the Grill. Stefan went to follow her. "I hope she doesn't come to the party. I don't want to see her face." said Caroline. They got into Stefan's car. He had driven her back to her house before heading home. He didn't have much to say about Elena while the two were in the car together. In fact, all he could think about was: why did Elena come back? He was the only other person who knew the full story.

Elena's old friends till had very little knowledge on the true story of the incident. Stefan remembered vaguely how much he had to lie to them about the truth. It was better for them to know about the lie rather than what had happened. He felt that if the truth was out, then things would be different. Stefan arrived at the Salvatore Boarding house after staying goodbye to Caroline. He entered through the main door and saw his older brother, Damon enter. "Your girlfriend is back."

Damon had headed over to the small table, full of his favorite alcoholic beverages with one of them being Bourbon. He poured himself a glass and took a drink while giving his brother a confused look. He hardly remembered any girl in the past being his girlfriend. Recently, he wasn't seeing anyone. "Stefan, I've dated-"

"Elena." Stefan stopped Damon in mid-sentence. Inside Damon's mind, something clicked when the name was said. An image of a girl appeared; and it was a clear one. The long dark hair, brown eyes, slim frame, and a smile that made every guy swoon over. In fact, he remembered how drawn he was to her when the two of them met at the night of her Junior prom. At the time, Elena was dating Stefan. He had shown up at the dance because he had to meet the girl his brother was going on and on about. He couldn't understand why Stefan rambled about a girl he's only been dating for four months.

Damon entered the gym to search for his brother. Instead, a red dress caught his eyes. Her hair was pinned up to expose her neck, which he wasn't interested in. It was the way the dress hugged every curve of the girl's body; and it led him to think how beautiful she looked. He hadn't seen anyone like her in years. Damon saw Stefan approach the girl and kissed her on the cheek. A small feeling of jealously ignited in him that fueled a burning hunger to steal her away from his brother. He watched silently from afar as Stefan and the girl proceeded to dance together on the gym floor.

"You don't go to Mystic Falls High." A blond approached him, wearing a short purple dress. Of course I don't, he thought. He looked at the girl and asked her about Stefan's date. It was easy to get information from her because she was willing to give it to him. He silently guessed that the girl thought he was attractive. Hm, Elena. Pretty name. He thanked the girl and compelled her to forget the conversation the two of them had. Stefan finally left his date, which was enough time for Damon to approach her. “Hi, I’m Damon.” He guessed that the girl was 17. Though age to him was nothing but a mere number.

“Elena. Aren’t you a little old to be at a high school prom?” Elena had spunk. He definitely could show her a few tricks. He could even use her to his advantage. Before their conversation could proceed any further, Stefan showed up a few minutes too early. Damon rolled his eyes upon hearing, ‘What are you doing here Damon?’ Of course his brother wasn’t happy to see him. Stefan didn’t like Damon talking with Elena. In fact, he stood between them to guard Elena from Damon. “I’m here to have fun.” Damon smirked, glancing over at Elena.

Damon only smiled at the memory of that night before Stefan brought him back to reality. “Damon, she’s back.” Stefan emphasized. Damon finished his drink and poured himself another. In all honesty, Damon didn’t want to deal with his ex. He didn’t want to deal with the ex he knew could kick his ass if she was angry enough. “I’m not touching that little bro.” Damon was about to take another drink, but Stefan slapped the glass out of his brother’s hands. Damon let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. With Elena back in town, Damon knew how angry her old friends were (especially Caroline). “She’s here for you.” said Stefan. Damon knew it had to be done. He knew that he had to face his ex eventually. Why did it have to be her?

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