"Do you ever feel..." Hayley struggles to find the right words to say. "...incomplete?" She asks, finally finding the right word.

"Sometimes.You?" Rick asks.

"Worse. I feel shattered." Hayley replies.


1. Prouloge


"You really think that this whole thing is easy for me? For crying out loud, Hayley. I'm married." 

"I know-"

"No you don't!" Rick steps forward and stops a foot away from her. "You don't know! You think I want to be attracted to you? I'm married; I have a wife. But she doesn't make it brighter every time I see her. She doesn't cause me to feel incredible rage when I think of someone else touching her. It's all you! Your all I want. I only want you, Hayley!" 

"I'm in love with someone else too!" Hayley yells, pushing him back by pressing her hands against his chest. These words were making her feel things she shouldn't be feeling, not with him at least. She shouldn't be feeling this way. She felt loved and in that moment she didn't feel... Shattered. 

"I don't love Lori like I used to" Rick admitted quietly and her eyes widened. He paused. "But I'm guessing you knew?" 

"Guessing I knew what?" 

"That Lori was with Shane when she thought I was dead." Rick said harshly. "That Lori was pregnant" 

Hayley's eyes shifted to the ground. "Sorta" 

"Figures" he spat back at her and started to pace back and forth. He stoped in front of her after a few seconds of silence. "I hate how I feel about you" 

Hayley bites her bottom lip nervously. " I hate... I hate how I feel about you" Hayley says as her eyes start to water. 

"I was pushing my feelings for you aside. I knew there was something about you but I kept it back because I'm married." 


"I'm married" It was as if he was trying to remind him self of something he already knew.

Rick looked at Hayley. "Are you okay?" Rick asks grabbing Hayley's hands, seeing the tears fall down her face. She nods. "Is this what you want?" Rick mumbles. "It is" Hayley answers. Rick presses Hayley's back against the fence, his lips in hers.

"I- I love you, Rick Grimes." Hayley whispers, clearly out of breath. Each kiss getting more and more passionate. 

"I love you too, Hayley." Rick whispers back before he presses his lips back against Hayley's. 


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