~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


5. ~secret~

*Joshe's arm is wrapped around tyler in a sunny morning in a bed nakked~
Tyler:*whispers* josh
Josh:*opens one eye at tyler and covers face with pillow*
Tyler: haha get up you adorable puppy
Josh: this adorable puppy wants to sleep
Tyler: *laughs* ok ok
Tyler:*gets out of bed*
Josh:*looks at tyler's dick*
Tyler:*covers it* hey you said you want to sleep!
Josh: sorry cant help,but look at it it's adorable
Tyler: ha and i use it to pee
Josh: its still adorable
Tyler*holds it and pretends to pee on josh*
Josh: ahh no please! *giggles*
Tyler:*puts on boxers*
Josh: i love you tyler
Tyler: not as much as i love you
~after a couple hours they go out shopping~
Tyler:*picks up a red beanie*
Tyler:hey you should wear this so we could match it would be cute
Josh: nah you look cute on it and it would look stupid on me
Tyler: no it wont i bet you would look cuter with it on
Josh and tyler: *giggles*
Manger: um excuse me but we dont allow girls here
Tyler: um..
Josh: were men and we are trying to shop here
Manger: well if your "men" then why are you to giggling and calling eachother cute
Tyler: uh well um
Josh:*pulls tyler and wraps arm around him*
Josh: because were in love
Manger:*grabs broom and hits them* GET OUT GET OUT!
Tyler: ow ow please let us shop and we will never bother u again mam
Josh: holds tyler's hand yeah we will get our gay asses out of here BECAUSE WE ARE
Josh:gay, gay gay gay GAY!
Manger:*covers ears* ahh GET OUT
Josh: *leans in manger's ears*
Josh: i sucked him before
manger: !!GET THE HELL OUTTTTT!!!!
Tyler: lets just get out 
Josh:*sighs* ok lets go
~tyler and josh walk together quitely~
Josh:*holds tyler's hand*
Tyler:*shakes my hand out of josh's* im sorry but i dont want to get kicked out of every store in the city
Josh: who cares we should show those people we love eachother
Tyler:well the whole city is against faggots and gays were just gonna have to keep it secret 
Josh: no please
Tyler:im sorry josh

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