My daughter's Best Friend

Alissa Smith dives into the trials and tribulations that seem to engulf her male best friend Payton. His father a traveling musician who never seems to stick around long enough to settle, and his mother a former gospel singer battling addiction. Its no wonder the Smith home has become a safe haven for the Charismatic teen over years of friendship. its even to the point where Alissa's dad sees Payton like a son. But once Payton's living situation abruptly comes to an end; Alissa's father has only a few days to make a quick decision of moving him in or letting him fall into foster care.
A million questions suddenly begin to swirl in Mr. Smiths head. What if they Alissa and Payton start to like each other while living together? What if his family issues bring unwanted harm to Alissa? if he said no both teens worlds would be torn apart without each other. But If he said yes, Can boy and girl truly be platonic friends while living under the same roof?


3. Where is Payton?

        Joseph Smith

    After a an hour or so of trying to console and calm his daughter down, he finally got her to take a sleeping pill and now she was resting in her bed. As he came down the kitchen stairway, Terry his neighbor was making some Tea on the stove. He sat down and smiled.

  "Thank you for helping me with her Terry. I really appreciate that indeed." 

 She smiled and said "Oh its no trouble at all. Alissa is a good kid...and so is Payton actually. Its terrible what is going with him in his private life. Rita should of took more time before just planning to move out in only a few weeks?"

  She poured the Tea into my dads mug then poured herself some. As My dad putting some sugar in his tea he waved a hand.

  " I know....and sadly you don't know the half of what that boy has been going through the last few years. That's why I never mind him working for me and being over here most of the time. Nobody should go through all that."

   He took a sip of the tea and nodded in approval.

  "Aahhh....this is good...special blend of yours?"

     Terry blushed a little  "Just Jasmine actually...and vanilla."  

 Her smile quickly deterred remembering why she was over there. Alissa was upset grief stricken and Payton.

     "Where is Payton anyway Joseph?"

  "He just took off this morning and didn't say why. But I'm betting my bottom dollar this had something to do with it. Damn...I wish he would of told me. I could of called his father by now."

  "The musician?" She asked while taking a sip of tea

  "Yea he uhhh....travels all over the country with this Jazz band called Blues City. His mom and dad been split a long time ago. And although he is a nice man; he is not what I would call stable either. Bouncing from city to city like he don't have a son to take care of." He took another sip of Tea.

   "But...I'm a half to reach out to him. Payton's mother Ava is still not well and out of drug facilities she's pretty much homeless. Hasn't seen Payton in.....I don't know. Lets just get Carl on the phone." He got up to walk over to the phone when a knock was heard at the door.

     In a strong voice he asked "Who is it?"

   "Its Payton Mr Smith."

 "Payton." Ms Terry rose to her feet. As he walked in he looked tired and worn out. Probably wandering around all day. Joseph offered P a seat and he sat down and they joined him. At First there was silence...Payton soon caught on that they were waiting on him to speak first. So he sat up and said

   " Rita told me about I guess you guys know now about her moving?"

   Joseph nodded his head

   "Son I wish you would of said something to me. Or to Alissa anyone...Now we only have a few days to figure out where you're going to end up."

    "I already know where I'm going to end up." He said bitterly

   "My case worker Ms Sally already said I got to head down south west to the group home. That place I was at right after my dad left town again. Before Rita offered to take me in again."  

     Joe knew exactly where he was talking about and immediately said No

   " You can't go there and still attend Capa Prep. Your scholarship is only liable if you live in the neighborhood. That's why you was with Rita In the first place."

   He just shrugged in defeat

   "Yea...I know...but I still come up here and visit ya when I can...Where's Alissa at anyway...Is she okay?"

   Joe nodded

   "She sleep...and know she isn't alright. Son We out here in Doylstown PA...and Southwest is too drug filled and violent for you. End up getting in trouble, locked up or much worse. I cant have that on my heart. You're like a son to me." 

     He thought about his next words carefully....The boy was smart, had a higher GPA then Alissa....a 3.8...Plus his skills in basket ball can certainly get him into Villanova like he dreams....but moving again....especially southwest would only set him up for failure. Or tempt him into getting into some kind of trouble. He thought about his words.....he thought about them for a moment before saying.

   "So until your father gets off the road you are welcome to live here with us."

    Terry and Payton looked utterly shocked

    "Are you seriously mr Smith."

  He nodded sternly

    "Yes long as its okay with Ms Sally and Rita....Well I guess we can talk about it in the morning. And Jared is off at College in Atlanta so your welcome to stay in his room. At least until I clear out that Guest room. So If you want I'll walk you down the block to grab your clothes and stuff alright?"  

   Payton didn't speak he just shook Josephs hand. And slightly smiled and gave a sigh of relief. Joe knew it was the right thing to do. P was like his own son....and he be damned if he let him bounce around like he did a few years back...when Ava relapsed back into drug use. But this was all happening so fast. But he couldn't think about that now....the only thing that mattered was this boy's stability. Something hasn't had in a long time. And most certainly needed. He grew up bouncing all over Kensington. One eviction after another and his mom struggling to feed 4 boys. The streets got to him for a moment. And it took a long time to turn his life around. It took his daughter Alissa and her mother Dana to bring him back. He couldn't live with the thought of payton falling into the same fate....he just couldn't.  

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