One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


15. Chapter 14

When the door opens I am already tense, this is not only the guy that kidnapped me, but Satan itself.
Claiming me as his wife, and I have never meet him before.
If he didn't posses my father, that is a real bitch from hell, who knows.
The first thing I notice is his eyes, even the first time I meet him at the bar, and it was the first thing.
That color is so unusual, or I'm pretty sure it is. Never seen anyone with eyes that look like gold.
I was too caught up in Caine being mad at me, and me being furious that I didn't really pay attention to him the first time I saw him. And the second time I was high on adrenaline.
But he's stunning, masculine jaw, and cheekbone that should be illegal just likes Caine.
Maybe a angel traits, he got from his father?
The man at his side is the guy that was outside his house with the purple hair and eyes.
Gorgeous man just like Goldie, must be an angel too. Caine takes my hand frowning at Goldie and the purple one. Goldie looks at our joined hands and his jaw twitch.
Caine pull his fingers through his hair and steps in front of me slightly like it is nothing.
Sparing me from both the so called angels’ stares.
The others, bow down going down at their knees making us the only one standing up.
Goldie nods and tells them to stand up. I get eye contact with the purple one and he smile reassuring to me, and I can't help but smile back. Now, I'm  not religious, the closes thing I ever had believed in angels is my crush on one of the characters from my favorite show Castiel.
Caine look at me with his eyes blue eyes full of worry, before gazing at goldie and purple again.
,, so you are the so called Satan” Caine grunts wringing his nose.
,,I'm not as bad as the bible say,  you know” goldie says looking around at the others.
,,quite evil spawn!” Caine hiss, I look surprised at him, this is not the right time to trow insult out there. ,,ooh, name calling, so fearsome!” goldie mumbles rolling his eyes.
,, we are not here to harm you, we are just here after Katerina ” the purple one saying trying to sound reassuring. I step out from behind Caine and sends him a look.
,, well I don’t know what you mean, but I'm not going anywhere with him” I point at goldie “ he kidnappped me, an duck-taped me to a freaking three!”
,, I didn't, that was Kraleus!” goldie mumbles looking at me with hard eyes.
should he really be the devil himself, mister evil? he look like a supermodel, act like a child.
and I know, that I never seen him before, I would have remembered that.
so saying I'm his face, is strecthing the truth very much, we didn't even communicate much at the bar. Maybe a angel traits, he got from his father?
The man at his side is the guy that was outside his house with the purple hair and eyes.
Gorgeous man just like Goldie, must be an angel too. Caine takes my hand frowning at Goldie and the purple one. Goldie looks at our joined hands and his jaw twitch.
Caine pull his fingers through his hair and steps in front of me slightly like it is nothing.
Sparing me from both the so called angels’ stares.
,, look, I'm sorry. I did tell him not to harm you. but he is one of the newer demons, and he is a demon” lucifer says moving closer to us, Caine move in between us and growl that if he gets one step further he will put him down.
Goldies eyes turn a darker culor when he sees Caines hand on my waist.
,, my name is Sebastian, Katerina. we have someone with us there is outside that can show you what we are talking about if you will alow it” the man with the calm eyes says.
a way of showing me that it is true, what? does the crocootter not show it for me enough.
or does he mean the accusation of me being his wife.
I get myself out of Caines grip and move towards them ,, where are you going?” he ask.
,, I'm going out to scream in the forest for a while, anybody wanna to join” I look around at the others still sitting at the ground. I'm not prepared for this, not that I probably ever will be prepared for this. but this is simply insane. I know I have joked about supernatural and other old series like grim, and the one with all the vampires. but this is not what I had in mind for my own life.
I thought it was fairytales, mythology. Not something that I have befriended, or have I?
they say the protect me for their king. so are we even friends? I'm pretty damn sure Caine don’t lie about not knowing he was a nefilim, but the others have hold this a secret for years.
But why now call him? Why not sooner? Is it cause of all these things that have happened lately that they decided now was the time?
I jiggle my way around Goldie and Sebastian ignoring Caines shouting of me getting back there.
I know this isn't a very mature way to handle it. Caine have told me running away from your problems isn't the solution, and that’s why I usually goes at it head one.
but even I can have too much of the good.
where are you going?
,, I'm hea-“ I stop in my tracks, and look around, this was in my head. have a there just been a voice in my head talking to me that wasn’t my own? have I finally lost it? have the stress and all the stuff that have been going on finally made me insane? it would indeed explain a lot.
I see a guy with silver hair stand leaned against the wooden wall of Russells cabin.
he looks at me with his calm eyes, studying me. is this the guy they talked about?
he looks like a warrior from a movie or a game, the scars, the color of his hair? dyed?
no.. normal roots, how can that be his real color?
,, did you just say something” he shake is head “ I could have sworn I heard a voice” I mumble looking around, he smiles at me and tilt his head. you did, but I didn't speak with my mouth, only with my thoughts. I look terrified at him, now people can speak with their minds too?!
can they all read minds or something?! only a angel not fallen can read human minds.
and that should make it better?  I shake my head not believing what is going on, this is way to much. why do you have all these scars? I look down myself, on the small scars that covers my arms, if only he knew that these is only a minimum of those I have. not only did my dad like to throw punches, he also liked to smoke, and hunt. all these small and big knives can be used to cut more than animal flesh. he sound like one of these Lucifer will get. ,, well I freaking hope so” I mumble touching my arms like I try to hide them. I'm not embarrassed by them, I have no problem having short jeans or blouses on that shows people my scars. but that don’t mean that I like to talk about them, especially with a angel I never meet. Well, that’s a sentence I never thought I would use. but I never thought I would meet a siren, see a otter with a crocodile head. Meeting a guy with canine fangs or be someone’s wife. I try lot of new things lately.
 ,, is it true? they haven't really told me how I can be his wife, I am pretty sure I never meet him before, but is it?” why do I even ask him, I don’t know him. he push himself away from the wall and moves closer to me, I stand my ground looking up into his face when he is inches from me.
you are a reincarnation of the last one, a girl named Sara. she was married to Lucifer, and had his child. but she died, and then you were born. reincarnation… another thing I didn't believe in.
so the so called other me had a kid. And then the dream I had before the attack of the red man hits me. ,, where this other me where, was there a apple tree?” he looks surprised for a second before the calm face turns back. how did you know? I tell him shortly about the dream I had about me sitting there with the big belly, he listen carefully and I see the ideas run through his head.
Sara was the first one to know that, can maybe have something to do with you also knowing. I don’t know how, but maybe it changed something. well that’s great, all I have from this former life I should have lived is a short glimpse of a belly and a apple tree.
I can show you more if you want. I look up at him, confused, he tells me about what he did with this Sara girl. How he showed her, the former life she had, and that he can do that with hers for me.
I cannot show the entire life to you, that will be too much, but I can show you bits, parts.
and if you want, the other life’s you have lived.
,, I want to know, how and when are we going to do this?” I need to know this, I need to see it before I believe it. he smiles at me and say that he can show me a little now and then show me a little, like he did to Sara when I'm asleep. He put a finger on my forehead and all turns white.

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