One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


14. Chapter 13

While Nadia goes out to call the freaking king of hell, can't believe I even say that.
Amanda tells us she is a siren, and that explains a lot, with all the men she have.
And that supernatural beings as Russell say can't be affected by others abilities, so that’s why her so called siren tricks don’t work on Caine. That’s probably why she is so fixated on him.
You always want what you can get.
Tony is a shape shifter, and the next thing that will show up is a freaking mermaid out of sea.
,, No, mermaids are different than sirens” Amanda snorts “mermaids was originally and sometimes still become, people that died at sea, in old times people just put the disease in the water, and would feel like they sometimes saw them. And that's how they become, by humans believing in it. Mermaids was once humans, but after breeding so much, they look more like fish now cause if the environment than human. Sirens was God’s creation” like she is some kind of holy creature.
I look at Caine that they say is a nefilim, and if I remember right from what supernatural have thought me. And I will point out he was the one saying it was stupid to watch.
Is a nefilim a child with a angel parent.
Who is his father? And I can't believe that Mr. Wilson isn't his dad.
,, are you all sure that I am a nefilim? my mom have know my dad in so many years, and I am pretty sure she would have told me that he wasn’t my dad.” Caine says thinking the same as me.
,, there can be many reasons why she haven't said it, and we don’t know. angels are something we try to get away from, so I haven't really studied their features” Tony says looking at Caine with a tilt head. Wonder who it is. and it is surprising to say at least that they never mentioned to Caine that Mr. Wilson wasn’t his real dad. ,, are you completely sure I am a one of these nefilims?”
,, as sure as Lucifer looking for Katerina the last twenty years, supernatural creatures can see others, we can see souls. Katerina here, has a little bit of gold, and silver in her soul, what I believe must be Lucifer's grace, never seen a real angel before, but heard enough stories to see that that’s grace. “ he then turn his head towards Caine “ you have the same as her, her soul is pure white, a unusual color for normally humans have this blue undertone, but hers hasn’t, probably cause of the grace, who knows. you have a human soul Caine, but have faint stains of black, grace. Grace has a special look and a special smell as well if you can say it like that. we wouldn't miss that”
,, what about creatures, you say you can see others, so supernatural creatures have different souls?”
,, well all supernatural’s, have grey souls, Gods creation or humans, we all have the same soul. So we won't know what it is by soul. But over the years you learn the tricks to see what people are” Amanda says tapping her long nails against the cup of coffee Russell have handed out.
,, like?” Caine ask.
,, like Amanda, she is a siren, goes after men all the time, can get pretty much any man she wants, that’s a normal siren thing. they hunt, and then they normally would kill, but those that follow Lucifer and is under his protection won't, without orders” Russell say and sit down beside me in the brown couch “shape shifters, always is one the move, sometimes they change a little thing normal humans wouldn't notice, like a mold that suddenly is gone, or hair suddenly change colors. normal humans would say he probably just dyed it, but my species has a fine nose and can smell that from a mile away, and will quickly realize it” I look at Russell, it wouldn't surprise me, he has always could smell his way to a good restaurant or food if I was hungry. he just joked about being hungry and that made him smell the food. Or that he actually sometimes disappears for days, without ever telling where. so many things add up, the first time I meet Tony he had brown hair, and the next time I saw him, had he sand colored hair. As Russell point out I thought he just dyed it.
,, can shape shifters turn into anything?” I wonder and Tony nods “ so if I wanted to see a otter with the face of a crocodile you would be able to do that?” he looks at me shortly before standing up, let’s just say that the transition isn't like the supernatural way, and is a lot cleaner, but hella confusing to look at. It’s like looking at an old TV, he turns blurry and like fading enough to look trough him.
And then suddenly he is at focus again and an otter with a crocodile head is looking at me.
The crocodile opens it mouth and show me its teeth. ,, is this proof enough?” I nod not really sure what I should say. Other than a otter has a way to little a body for that kind of head.
he goes trough that shit all over again, and he is standing there with a goofy smile.
Nadia comes in and whisper something to Russell that nods.
,, so Nadia you are a witch, have you ever used your witchy powers on me?” I question.
,, my Lucifer no! I'm a pacifist! I lived in a time where witched was burned, I don’t use my powers anymore” she says looking horrified at me, something about what she says send a alarm off.
,, lived under the time witches was burned? how old are you?!”
,, well I was born in 1806, but I don’t like to discuss my age” she mumbles.
,, how old are all of you?” Caine ask looking around at them all, they all look down.
,, I am 26, I can live as long as Nadia, a werewolfs stop again in their 20’s and then will not age before they can't turn into a wolf anymore” Russell mumbles.
,, well I meet Tony in 1955, more will I not say” Amanda implies looking at her red nails.
holy shit, they are serious, Nadia is not only some years older than me as I thought.
she is freaking older than Caines grandparents! and first time I meet them I couldn’t believe people could be that old!
Nadia sees the look I send her ,, don’t give me that look! I'm not old!”
,, yes ma’am”
Before she can say anything back, probably about how childish I act, the doorbell rings.
Suddenly they all stand up and look towards the door, with both existed faces and nervous traits.

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