One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


13. Chapter 12

Hi everybody, thank you so much for reading this book! hope you like it so far! But please leave a comment telling me what you think :) it makes it so much easier for me, so I know if something should change or you simply like it! Have a wonderful day!




,, don’t you think it is a little odd that I got kidnapped by a guy that said he was Satan?” I question, walking after Russell into the forest. ,, yeah, and I told you, the police know about it” I open my mouth “ and no, I didn't tell Caine after you head locked me and made me promise not to tell him. even though I still think it would be a good idea” I know it is but I'm pretty sure he would tie me to the bed, if he found out about this. to many things have happened the last couple of days.
to many things I can't explain. ,, when I told you about the dollhouse after talking to Nadia, you didn't seem surprised” he stops up and turn around to look at me.
,, what did you want me to say? it sound to me like your perhaps was sleeping” I lock coldly at him and show him the same marks as I showed Nadia and have hide from Caine with a scarf.
bruises around my neck,, those can have been from the red guy”
,, still so clear? so many days after, please. you aren't that stupid” I snarl putting the black scarf back on. it's like they don’t want to believe me, or are keeping something from me.
suddenly I hear a something near us, my first instinct tell me it's Gazzy, but I had left him at home cause Russell didn't want him to come with us. we search for the place they tied me up, cause I can't really remember how I found my way home.
suddenly a grey wolf comes out of a bush, sneering and growling, with ears back and hackles raised. it show us it's pretty teeth, and soon it's friends join us.
Russell force me behind him, so he stand front on with the now three wolfs, they snarl and move closer, lips curled back. suddenly I hear a deep rumble from Russell, and realize he is also growling.
I have my hand on his back, and can feel the muscles under the skin work like he also is ready to jump on the wolves, while the growling get stronger and more animal like.
he sound just like the wolfs I think confused, but glad. cause it clearly helps, the lips moves back to normal, still ears back but now they bow down like they show him respect.
,,Why are they all afraid of you?” the wolfs crouch down lifting a paw licking the air submissive.
he slowly  move forward still growling and I see something I never seen or believed I would see.
3 grown of wolfs lay down belly up, gaze away and tail stuck between their legs.
totally given in to Russell ,, okay what's going on? I know that I have joked about alpha male testosterone. but this is insane” I whisper not wanting to break the spell he has over them.
I hear someone approach from behind and suddenly Nadia and Caine dash trough the bushes bewildered. they look at the wolfs, with surprise but then suddenly Nadias expression turn calm..
,, send them off” I look at her, surprised over the calm tone in her voice.
he makes a swift with his head, like he's telling them to go, and with disbelief I see them leave.
Caine moves quickly over to me, to make sure I'm alright.
,, okay what the actual hell?” Caine says checking me for bruises, I brush his hands off.
,, it's a werewolf thing” Russell says matter of fact.
,, sure it is. and I am the queen of England, bow down servants!” I snarl “ what was that?!”
,, he is right, it is a werewolf thing, wolfs are mostly afraid or have a respect for werewolfs. especially when they are alphas” I look at each of them trying to conclude what shit they have taken before they came, or if they actually always have been this insane and I just now realize it.
I am not the sanest person myself, so finding others wouldn't surprise me.
,, okay, now I'm going to ask nice, what the hell are you to on? heroine? hash? cocaine?” I ask looking at them both, they share a look before turning their attention on me.
,, we are telling the truth, Russell is a werewolf and I am a witch”
,, and I am a unicorn, those things only exist in series and movies like supernatural” I mock.
,, it is true” I look at Russell, he close his eyes and when he opens and his mouth I fall back wailing pulling Caine with me that looks at him completely white in the face. The before normal teeth has now canine fangs, and his eyes have turned, well I don’t know how to describe it, his before calm emerald eyes have turned up their color.
that’s the best way I can say it, they shine like no eyes have done outside movies.
he smiles at me so I really can see his new teeth, and I try not to show how scared they actually make me. ,, I don’t understand, how can it be true that monsters are real?” I whimper.
,,first of all, I don’t like the way you just said monster. Second, we were here first. God created many so called monsters before he created the humans, that are why many of us has enough traits to evolve into looking like humans. but we where test subtext before you guys were made.” he close his mouth and when he open it again the teeth a gone, and his eyes have turned back into their normal color “when you came to life, many of the races where killed, but us that looks like humans survived. I will say that I have seen creatures that surprisingly survived and didn't look like humans at all” he grunts shaking like he remember something in particular
 ,,but why?” still not sure how I should take what he says, it all move so fast. monsters are real. ,,because he sees us as not fit to live on this earth, we where ideas, and now he got the real thing. we are not needed anymore, that’s why angels still kill us. that’s why we are only myth for humans, and that’s why we help Lucifer. he gives us protection, where god tries to kill the different, Lucifer welcome us” wait a minute, Lucifer, as in Satan? I look at Caine, to see if he picked that up, but he is clearly hooked on something else.
,,so god created, monsters and then decided to get rid of them” Caine says confused helping me up from the ground, but still have a hand on my wrist like he is waiting to make a run for it.
,,many creatures or as you call monsters, wasn't Gods creation. It was human or animal, those who look alike humans is mostly God. But the most powerful being human created was humans, a will, a mind.
Many humans or animal was simply turned into what you call monsters by themselves. Werewolfs, I remember when they came, there was a trip in what you now call Alaska, they lived side by side with the wolfs, learned by them, and when a wolf died they took it skin and wear it like a celebration to the wolf, after hundreds of years they was so in synch with the wolfs, they started to act like wolfs, they had two people what you call alpha and the rest. And in the end, they were more wolf than human. And they turned, humans can create, not only by birth. But by believing in something or being like something for enough time.” Nadia try to explain.
,,Like witches! They have evolved over the ages so they look like humans, but when he created them. They many times didn't, monsters was his test doll before the humans. So witches would look a lot like humans, but because of evolution, to hide for god and he's Angels” Russell says.
,, okay, I can't be the only one freaking out about this” clearly it's true what they say, how else can we explain the fangs and the wolf thing? and now when I think about it, it would explain a lot of different things, Russell live in the forest, and is a wildlife man, Nadia has a freaking herb store and has this people coming in like Bella that claim they are witches. How blind can you be allowed to be? Russell says it's best if we take it at home with him, so we can calm down on the big news.
when we come into the valley is no other than Amanda and Tony waiting for us with nervous looks.
,, so you finally dropped the bomb on them huh?” Tony grins nervously.
so they are too?! I look at Caine that still make sure I'm near him, and I understand why.
this is people we trusted.  ”Why is it that some of my friends is some crazy shit from Disney and bad books?!” I point out looking at them all.
,,When you are the devils wife, you will summon those who follow the king.” Nadia says smiling.
,,And we have protected you as good as we can” Tony insert.
Then why are my friends monsters? Only to be near Katerina?” he looks at Amanda and I wonder what she is. a freaking fairy or something?
,,No, silly. Nefilim are also kind of special now days, so we were also interested in you.”Amanda laugh rolling her eyes, swirling her black hair around her finger.
,,Nefilim?" we blurted together.
,,I'm the Devils wife and you are a angel? Well at least we got our personalities straight” I mock rolling my eyes “ I'm pretty damn sure I am human, just like Caine. and what did you mean by the devils wife? is that why that lunatic kidnapped me yesterday. was that really the big mister evil?” Caine snap his head towards me ,, kidnapped? when did you get kidnapped?!”
I tell him about yesterday, and he freak out over I didn't say anything to him.
,, excuse me in all this werewolf, witches, fairies” point at Amanda “ I forgot to mention that I was kidnapped. I thought we already had enough on our plate. Clearly they didn't!” I say and point at them all. He turns his head towards Russell that mumbles I made him promise not to tell.
of all this, that is what he is must upset about?! we just found out that freaking monsters run around us, doing God knows what. And I just found out I punched the devil himself, and apparently should be his little wifey. ,, maybe we should get a hold of Lucifer, he is clearly already in town somewhere, he can maybe help soothe this out” Nadia says nervously.

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