A Day too Dark

She never wanted this to happen. She never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was be helpful for once. She never wanted to hurt them. She didn't want to.....She never wanted to kill them..


4. Chapter Three

 When Mercy got home, all she wanted to do was sleep. But, the universe had other plans, such as allowing Lucy and Rachel to come over. In short, everyone was bored. Mercy didn't want to do anything, having to be a 'Mother' figure to her siblings, Lucy wanted to play tag like a 5 year-old and Rachel was scrolling through Social Media. Rachel didn't care what they did, but at the moment she was bored so she got on her phone. Mercy decided to follow Rachel's idea and plugged in headphones to play Piano Tiles once again. Mercy's siblings were doing homework at the moment and wasn't leaving their room so they can focus. 

"I'm bored." Lucy stated hanging upside down on the couch. "We all are, Lucy." Rachel said to her blonde friend.

"Can we actually do something?" Lucy asked pulling herself up to sit Indian style. "Like?" Rachel signed, shutting off her phone and facing Lucy to talk to her directly.

"Hide an' Seek?" She asked hopefully. Mercy almost groaned at the suggestion. Lucy wants to play so bad, yet nobody would. Mercy leaned her head back on the couch, almost wanting to yell for Marian and Myrick to play with her hyper friend. She closed her mouth and cursed under her breath as she missed a tile and retried. This time she was almost determined to beat her highest score, which would take lots of focus but knowing Rachel and Lucy were still there made her close off the game. Mercy settled with normal Pandora 90's rock music, mostly Green Day and My Chemical Romance, and shut off her phone.

"Lucy! How about you play with the chicken...Oh, whats his name?" Rachel started but asked Mercy anyway. Mercy raised her eyebrows

"One, the chicken is a female and Two, her name is Kara." Mercy said to Rachel. "Play with Kara." She said, directing her words to Lucy this time around.

"Chickens cant talk!" Lucy said, throwing her head back and groaning.

"They can if you listen close enough. . ." Rachel said and Lucy's head shot back up. "They can?" She asked. One thing was for sure, Lucy was the most gullible person in the world. Rachel nodded her head, her brown hair getting in her face again.

"Yep." She said, popping the 'P'. Lucy wiggled in excitement and looking to Mercy, as if she needed permission to play with the brown chicken. Mercy nodded her head to the back door that led to the chicken coop, and Lucy jumped up then ran to the door, headed for the chickens. Mercy and Rachel chuckled at their friend and looked to each other.

"Wanna have a sleepover?" Rachel asked. Mercy thought but nodded anyways. "Who's house?" Mercy asked and Rachel just pointed at her. Mercy signed, but agreed.

"Yay!" Rachel squeaked and jumped over to hug her expressionless friend. Mercy gasped and tried pushing her coffee skinned friend off saying, "Can't breath!" over and over. When Rachel finally registered her words, she jumped off, apologizing with her head bowed. Mercy took deep breaths of Carbon Dioxide and let it out as Oxygen before saying a two word response. "It's fine." Mercy forced a smile. "Really." Rachel saw through Mercy's little lie and smile, but pretended not to notice.

"Whatever you say, Mercy." Rachel smiled back and glanced outside to check on her Animal loving friend. Rachel held a hand over her mouth to not laugh at the scene just outside the door. Lucy was laying flat on her back with half the chickens in the coop laying on her stomach, chest, legs and the crook of her neck.

"M-Mercy! Look at Lucy!" Rachel gasped, pointing over to Lucy. Mercy blinked at the sight and laughed softly, unheard by Rachel's loud laughs. And faintly, you could hear Lucy laughing as well. "I'm friends with idiots." Mercy chuckled to herself. 

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