A Day too Dark

She never wanted this to happen. She never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was be helpful for once. She never wanted to hurt them. She didn't want to.....She never wanted to kill them..


6. Chapter Five

"We advise you keep your children inside with proper supervision-" Mercy switched off the TV before the twins saw it, but to her vain, they had already seated themselves in front of the screen with wide eyes. "Hey!" Myrick pouted. "We were watching that!" Mercy rolled her emerald eyes. "You're too young to be worrying about that stuff, Myrick." She said. Myrick pouted and turned away, motioning for Marian to follow him. Quickly getting bored of a black screen, Ash dragged Jade up to their room.

 Now that the little ones were gone, Mercy turned the TV back on. She sat close to the edge on the couch, listening to the reporter. They were telling the media about a murder that happened the night before in the woods close to Mercy's house. An unsettling feeling burrowed deep inside her chest. Even so, she listened on. After a bit, Mercy had gathered most the information the police had. 

 The victim was a old man in his late 40's, Mark Whyett. He was murdered towards the outskirts of the woods, a clean shot through the front of his skull. That made Police wonder what kind of gun could break through the thick skull of a full-grown man. For what the police could see, there was no evidence that could give police a hint of who the killer was or his motives. But, there was an empty lighter several feet from the body. The police took it in as evidence and started checking for fingerprints. Blood was was lightly splattered onto the trees around Whyett. 

 Mercy started wondering what she would do if the killer decided to come to them. What would she do then? Mercy knew she wasn't as brave as she seemed, she was nowhere close to it. She was terrified by many things. Sometimes, she wondered if she was even worthy of being the twins' older sister if she was so scared. 

 "Sis!" A cry came. Mercy jumped, turning her head to the stairs. Her hand slipped to the remote and switched the channel. "Myrick broke my doll!" She stomped her foot, her hand clutching tightly onto Jade's. Angry tears tore at her eyes. Mercy sighed and stood up. 

She got scared again for nothing. What was she doing? Mercy took Ash's hand and started leading her back upstairs.

"Maybe it was an accident?" She suggested. Neither girl answered as they entered the room. Myrick sat on the floor in the middle of the room, his eyes cast down in his lap. A few feet in front of him slept a beautiful China doll, her porcelain face cracked at the cheek up to the blue glass eye. Mercy sighed slowly through her nose. That was the last thing given to Ash before their mother died. 

Mercy moved forward and crouched down in front of Myrick. "Was this on purpose?" She asked. Her voice wasn't gentle nor was it stern, but it got through to Myrick enough to shake his head. "Then why is she broken?" She asked. Myrick avoided looking into Mercy's brightly colored eyes. "She was being annoying." He grumbled.  Mercy raised a brow. 

In the kids years of living together not once have they ever said the other was 'annoying'. With a silent sigh, Mercy patted his bright hair. "Why don't you go play with Marian?" She asked. Myrick didn't look at her. "I don't know where he is." He muttered. Confused, Mercy said; "Is he in bed already?" Myrick shook his head. "No. Last I saw him we were playing Hide 'n' seek." He said. Mercy stared at him for a second. 

"Sis? My doll. Can you fix her?" Ash tugged on the hem of Mercy's shirt. Without answering, Mercy turned around and ran out the room. The sets of twins followed behind. "Sis?" Ash called. "What are you doing?" Mercy unlocked the door, her hands shaking wildly. "You left your brother outside?" She hissed. 

They didn't reply. Finally getting the door open, Mercy ran out, her eyes scanning every tree, every bush, every shadow. Cursing lowly, Mercy fumbled with her phone, pressing on the flashlight and letting it illuminate where she desired. Green eyes searched frantically for a mop of red hair in the dark. "Marian!" Her voice cracked. 

"Mercy?" Myrick walked outside barefoot. He walked over to the eldest, standing beside her. "Help me look for him. Grab a flashlight." Mercy said, barely risking a glance down to her brother. Biting his bottom lip, Myrick wondered back inside, grabbing a flashlight for each sibling from under the sink. 

Now, all members of the household was holding a light, hearts thumbing furiously in their chests, looking for the second brother. For hours they searched. Down the street, into the town, in alley-ways, beside dumpsters, but they turned up empty. Mercy had an idea of where he could be. She had the idea in the back of her mind and she knew it was right. She knew it was, but her mind and heart refused to believe it.

Myrick was in the woods, alone. He had no flashlight, no food, no company. He was by himself for the first time. Knowing this made Mercy's heart squeeze painfully. She clutched her chest tightly, burning tears forcing themselves to the surface. "Marian!" She called out like she had been doing for the past few hours. The others were getting tired and complained about their feet aching. Mercy wanted to search forever and she didn't want to stop until her brother was found. But maybe it would be better to wait until morning. When the sun drew to the sky, lighting up the world with its painfully bright rays. Then she could see in the woods. The heat would burn through the leaves up high and reveal the darkened floor. 

Just until morning, she thought. My soul can wait until morning. 

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