Life is as Good as it gets

Where a girl is not satisfied with her life, she just wants to escape it and to stop putting on a show for her friends, family and the teachers at her school. She thinks she will always be the outsider and always alone in the world.

That is, until she meets someone.


1. Author's Note/ Prologue...

Listen, I am the author of this book. This book will also take place in first person so that 1) it makes it easier for me and 2) to me, its more fun that way. On another note, this book is based on how I feel about life most of the time.... well, all the time. If you are so kind to take the time out of your day to read this book, then you are my virtual friend, reader, maybe commenter on this book. I am new to the world of Movellas and I am very excited for you guys to read my book and see if you like it. Now that I nothing interesting to say, here is my prologue... Oh, please enjoy :). 


Life is a thing that makes me question why I am here on God's green Earth. My mother reminds me that I will fulfill my purpose in life and that I will affect someone's life for the greater good of humanity. In simplest terms: make a name for yourself and people will love you. Well, that is not the case for this story and that is not how this story will end. I tried to be happy for people that take it for granted. At school, people rarely talk to me and the ones that do talk to me, it's not a full, interesting, deep conversation. It is a simple hello and the exchanging of a few words, and then a simple goodbye. My mom wants me to live her life through me. She wants to brag to her fellow colleagues about how I am a dancer (which I actually like... most days) and how I am a singer and that I run cross country... Which I get no metals in so that's pretty much pointless. I have no reason to live if I am not going to be an independent person when my mom pretty much does the living part for me. So really?

What is the point of living?

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