To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


20. When all is said and done

 *Bree POV*
 "Zac, what are you doing here ?" I stare at him, a bit shocked that he has actually come all the way to Canada.
 He looks at me, his eyes soft, almost begging. "I need to talk to you Bree, to step up and be honest".
 "I am not sure there is anything to talk about, what do your girlfriend think about you being here ?" I say, trying to keep a distance, I know how he works like a magnet if I get to close.
 He sighs and shakes his head. "I am so sorry about that Bree. I listened to a stupid advice, she isn't my girlfriend, never has been, I was just trying to.. Well make you jealous".
 "Why would you try and make me jealous ? And why would I be jealous ? I don't care who you date". I bite my teeth hard together not to give away any emotions.
 This time he steps up to me and grabs one of my hands in his big hand, looking at me. "Because I hoped you were pushing your feelings away, that you actually cared, don't you care just a little bit ?"
 "I.. Well.. Oh damn you". I stomp my food stubbernly, he can't just come here and intrude in how I had decided thing were going to be.
 He narrows his eyes at me, his voice sounds like he is suppressing laugther. "Tell me, did you really just stomp you foot at me ?"
 "Yeah, because you can't just come her an throttle all my arguments down, I want to hate you, damned, can't you just let me hate you". I glare up at him.
 His arms slides around my waist and he is stepping closer, now actually chuckling, slightly shaking his head. "No I am afraid I can't do that, I much rather make you love me".
 "Ha you can't do that". I say quite triumphant, probably looking rather pleased with myself.
 He arches one eyebrow, pulling me flushed against him. "Oh and why can't I do that Bree ?"
 "Because I already love you all on my own". I say biting my lip, he blinks a couple of times, then a smile spreads across his face, han his lips catches mine, demanding their surrender.
 After the kiss I push him slightly away. "Is it really true ? That she is not your girlfriend ? So you didn't you know, just a little ?"
 "Are you asking me if I slept with her ? No we didn't have sex, we didn't kiss, we held hands a couple of times for the cameras and I kissed her cheek, that's it, she is a friend of Joels". He says looking a bit sheepish.
 I slap his shoulder. "That was the stupidest idea ever, you do know that, don't you ?"
 "Well I thought so, but now I am actually not sure, I mean it actually got me what I really wanted, you". He says with a cheeky grin.
 I glare at him. "Oh so you think that, do you ?" He just smile, kissing me again, and I put up no resistance, letting me get swept away by the feeling.
 "What the fuck !" I suddenly hear Missy's voice behind me, and I break the kiss, turning around, she is glaring at us. "God Bree are you really that stupid ?"
 "Missy stay out of this okay ? This is none of your concern". Zac has his arm around my waist, pulling me close to his side.
 She huffs at him. "Oh yes it does, Bree really ? You know how he is, he just cheat on you too".
 "Oh like you cheated on him ? Several times. Yes I heard you Missy". Know I am the one glaring at her.
 She rolls her eyes, her voice icy. "So I cheated ? I only ever wanted him for his fame and connection, that doesn't make what he did okay".
 I don't even care to answer, I just shake my head at her, sad for her that she has become like this, she used to be a nice girl and I wonder were and when she got so lost.
 She stalks of looking very angry and Zac looks at me. "So does this mean that you are coming back home with me ?"
 "Yeah I better call Sam and ask if I still have a job". I say with a sigh, and he pulls me into him again, kissing me like their is no tomorrow.

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