To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


11. The last time

"As soon as our lips touch completely, I wrap my arms around his neck, burying my fingers in his hair, just like last time.
 A loud moan escapes his lips as I start tugging at some of his lock. My back hits the wall again, only this time I am no longer fighting him. I am done fighting my cravingbfor him, because as ridiculous as this sounds, I want him more than anything right now.
 With one swift move he slides his hand down my thigh, wrapping my leg around his waist, only so we could be even closer to each other. Our lips move in a perfect sync as our longing bodies are grinding against each other.
 "Zac ?" I pant, as he starts to kiss wildly down my neck, my fingers still buried in his hair as he does so. "This has to be the last tiiime". I stretch the word 'time' because just as the word leaves my lips, he starts sucking and biting my neck, leaving me no other choice than to moan in pleasure.
 Feeling his breath on my neck drives me insane, so I let one hand slide down his back, grabbing the hem of his shirt, pulling it up.
 Pressing his body against mine even harder, I find myself having trouble breathing, but oh boy, this is so worth it. I can nearly feel every inch of his body, it feels so damn good, even better than I remembered.
 "Zac, I..". I half scream out, as he takes my earlope between his teeth, starting to suck it and as he lets go of it, he just looks at me for a few seconds with a dirty smirk, before our lips meet again.
 "I like it when you scream out my name". Zac whispers against my lips, sliding one hand underneath my shirt. His touch sends a warm shiver down my spine, making it literally unbearable for me to contain myself.
 I want him. I crave him. I need him, right now ! Letting go of his hair, I reach down to his pants, unbuttoning them, before pulling the zipper down.
 "Tell me Bree". He moans in my ear, as I pull his pants down, revealing his dark calvin klein boxers with quite a bulge underneath.
 "What ?" I gasp, as it is now my turn to start kissing down his neck. His gripmaround my waist tightens as I do so.
 "Tell me how good it felt. Tell me how good I felt inside you". Even just the sound of those words coming from him, in thatbraw strained voice, cause me to go halfway crazy.
 Wrapping my second leg around him, I can feel his hard member pressing against my lady parts, his voice pleeding me. "Come on tell me Bree".
 "Good, it felt so good". I stress the 'd', because at the last word his arms glide down under me, holding me up.
 "Do you want to feel it again ?" He asks, teasing me, because in this uncompromising position what else but 'yes' could my answer possibly be ? He just wants to hear it.
 "Yes". I half yelled, crashing my lips against his as we kiss wildly, craving his touch and his taste.
 "Yes what ?" He smirks against my lips, again with the teasing, he know what I want, but my need for him is just to great right now.
 "I want you, I need you, make me yours". I whisper against his lips as we break the kiss for a moment.
 With that he gives me another panties dropping smirk, stepping out of his own pants as he carries me towards the couch a few steps away.
 His hands are now placed on my butt as he walks us both over, carefully letting me down onto the couch first.
 He is hovering above me with one hand next to my head, his other hand slides down to my pants, swiftly opening the button. As I watch him taking of my oants, I quickly unbutton his shirt, helping him out of that one as well
 I bite my lip as I let my eyes wander over his strong body, slowly letting a finger follow the trail of hair from his navel to the edge of his boxers.. "Oh Bree". He gasps as I start tugging them down.
 One split second later my panties are flying through the room and his follow, exposing his huge manhood right in front of me, I almost forgot how well endowed he was.
 I wrap my arms around his neck again, pulling him closer, which tells him that I am more than ready for him.
 A part of me can't believe, that I am actually doing this AGAIN.. But the other part is doing a really good job at shutting that sceptical, judgy part up.
 Carefully placing the tip of his member at my entrance I take a deep breath and before I can let all the air out again, he enters me in one hard thrust, I let out a small svåcream of pleasure as he starts moving fast immediately, ramming into me, no mercy at all.
 I bury my fingernails into his back, scratching him as he keeps on thrusting hard and fast.
 "Oh my God Bree". He moans into my ear, as he slows down a bit. "You feel so fucking good".
 Again the sound of my name coming from his lips does weird but very pleasurable things to me. His lips meets mine only a second later, and when he takes my bottom lip between his teeth, biting me, I swear I can no longer stay calm.
 "Zac please". I beg, pushing up towards him and he instantly obeys, beginning to thrust harder and faster again. "Oh my God". I cry out. "Faster, please! OH... My... God !" I sink my tetth into his shoulder, biting him to contain another scream. After all there are other people on this floor.
 My outburst only makes him go faster and more ruthless with me, ramming into my g-spot several times, and each thrust makes me cry out his name, until I loose all control and orgasm with a bang.
 Zac follows shortly, almost collapsing on top of me. "Holy shit".
 Panting like a couple of maniacs, Zac and I are trying to calm down, sitting up straight on the couch after putting back on our underwear.
 "sure". Zac says, pecking a sweet kiss on my cheek as he smirks at me from the side.
 "Sure what ?" I frown at him, not understanding what he is even talking about
 "This was the last time". He winks at me, and he is still smirking as he gets up to collect his clothes.

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