To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


14. On a date

 1 week later
 *Bree POV*
 I haven't seen Zac at all since we came home four days ago, there has been no need to, so I have been working from the office, and I am kind of happy to get a little distance between us, I seem to have a hard time controlling myself around him.
 But I also can't seem to get him of my mind, hell I wake up at night covered in sweat, my body aching with longing because those miss steps we shared comes back to haunt me in my dreams.
 Okay, so maybe not haunt me, it is not that it isn't very hot dreams, but the last thing I want is erotic dreams Zac, this is not how I want to go on with my life.
 My eyes scan the restaurant and a sigh escapes me, why did I agree to this date, the guy is probably not my type at all.
 I usually don't let others interfere with my love life, that has never brought anything good with it and yet I am sitting here, in a way to fancy restaurent, waiting for my blind date.
 Sam insist that this man is just perfect for me, I highly doubt it, they never are, som why would this guy be any different ? My only long lasting relationship was with a young french doctor Pierre, assisting my father, we dated for almost two years. He wanted me to go with him to France to get married, so I broke it off.
 The door open and my eyes instantly goes there to see who enters, but it is just a couple arm in arm, I sip my champagne, and let my thoughts wonder, I am thinking about Pierre.
 Well our sex life had been pretty good, but suddenly my thoughts stray from Pierre, and I hear another voice in my head, asking me how good it felt, telling me how sexy I am.
 I remember the feeling of his lips locking with mine his hands on my skin, the intense pleasure, the sound of Zac moaning my name.. Wait stop what ? Zac ? Zac !
 Snap out of it Bree, right now, do not think about what happened between you and Zac, it is over and done, it was a mistake, well a string of mistakes, it will not be repeated.
 "Bree ? Bree Winthers ?" A smooth voice asks and I look up to see a very handsome man with slicked back blonde hair and pale blue eyes walking towards me.
 I shake my head slightly to snap completely out of the weird ass fantasy I was just having, getting up to extend my hand to him. "Yes, that is me".
 "Hi I'm Darren, you date". He takes my hand, shaking it at our eyes meet, well he is very handsome, I have to give Sam that.
 "Well it is a pleasure to meet you Bree, Sam told me a lot about you". He sends me a smile, that I instantly return as a reflex.
 I nod and let go of his hand, he walks over to the opposite side of the table and I say. "Nothing bad I hope ? Unfortunately he didn't tell me much about you".
 "No not bad at all. And I am sorry that I am a bit late, the traffic was bloddy murder". He apologise as we both take our seats.
 "It's fine, I haven't been waiting that long". I lie, if he had just been on time it would have saved me from having those Zac flashbacks.
 He smile at me and says in that smooth voice. "Well at least Sam didn't lie when he told me to just find the most beautiful woman in the room".
 "Well, thanks for the compliment, but he might have been exaggerating a bit". I say, sipping my champagne, blushing a bit.
 "No I don't really think he did". He says with a polite smile. "So you are in public relations, that sounds like an interesting business".
 "No not really, I most am just a glorified nanny, making sure he gets were he needs to be on time and don't make to much of a fool of himself". I say with a shrug and ask. "What do you work with ?"
 He chuckles. "I am in advertising, and no not really exciting either, I most do the research before the adds are made, I much rather be on the creative team".
 "Well maybe some day you get the chance". I say smiling at him, and he smiles back. "I really hope so".
 He has nice and warm eyes, despite the cold colouring, but not as warm as Zac's, oh stop it Bree, I kick myself and try to focus on what Darren is talking about.
 We actually has a lot of thing in common, and we talk about a lot of things, but I keep comparing everyhting about him to Zac, his smile, his laughter, the way he talks, and I just want to kick myself.
 As the evening goes on, it keeps getting worse, everytime I close my eyes, images of Zac and I flash by, and I fight to push those illicit images away, shifting in my chair and pressing my thighs together.
 When we get our main courseI am already a mess and unfortunately it is not because of the man sitting across from me, I don't get why I can't stop thinking about Zac and what happened.
 It must be the champagne affecting me, it has to be, I am on a date with this handsome and sweet guy and I keep thinking of the biggest mistake of my life.
 I try to focus, to smile and laugh at the right moments, to come with small comments when needed, but all that is really on my mind is Zac and me naked, moans of passion, his lips on my skin.
 Oh God I am a mess, yes it had been good, it had been more than good, every time, but it is crazy that I suddenly can't seem to focus on anything else.
 I try very hard to focus on Darren, he is talking about his family, and I realise I haven't heard a word he have said for at least ten minutes, making me feel like a horrible person.
 I have to snap out of these fantasies, memories, whatever you want to call them. This has to stop now.
 The restaurant door open and a couple enters, a tall beautiful blonde woman, she is followed by an even taller man, he has dark hair and is wearing a perfectly fitted tux.
 Just a I am about to look away, to try and focus back on Darren, the mans head turns toward me, our eyes meeting for a split second. "Zac ?!"

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