To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


13. Not admitting it

 *Bree POV*
 "Ready for the interview ?" I ask as I straightens his tie, as always he looks absolutely perfectin his tailored suit.
 He smiles at me, one of those damn sexy smiles that makes my inside all cramp up. "I definitely am darling".
 We have spend the last two days, pretending the thing in my hotel room didn't happen, acting like friends and colleagues, and it is actually working out quite fine, except for when he sends me one of those smiles or run a hand through his hair messing it up or gets that raw edge in his voice that goes straight to my ovaries.
 Okay admitted, it is not that easy forgetting what happened between us, but I need to, it just can't happen again.
 We are standing backstage at the tv studio and he is waiting to be called on stage to be interviewed for a morning tv show.
 "We are ready for you Zac". The producer calls and I hurry to reach up and brush a stray curl from his forehead, sending him a smile.
 He grabs my hand, placing a kiss on my palm, sending shivers through me. "See you soon darling". And then he follows the producer to get on stage, leaving me trying to collect myself.
 I actually have a blind date when I get home, Sam has set it up, telling me this guy is just the right one for me. I am not so sure about going on a date, but it is nice of Sam to think of me, I know he just wants me to make friends and get connections, so I agreed to the date.
 For some reason I haven't told Zac about the date, not that it is any of his concern, I just have a feeling that he wont like it and I kind of don't want to discuss it with him.
 I listen to him doing his interview, I totally get why his fans are so drawn to him, he is so passionated when he talks, so intense, it is like you just have to listen to him. 
 And well most thing he has to say is actually pretty interesting, smart or funny, he definitely has a way with words and I could listen to him talk for hours, the voice doesn't hurt either, it is warm and soothing.
 "How did I do ?" He comes over to me after the interview, looking at me like my opinion really matters.
 I smile at him, brushing a speck of dust from his shoulder. "You were amazing Zac, as always. Sam will be happy to hear".
 "Thank you darling". He says smiling down at me, and for a moment it feels like butterflies are erupting in my stomach, but I push the feeling away.
 A moment after the female host comes out back, she is very beautiful and very blonde and she puts her hand on Zacs arm. "Thank you so much for coming Zac, you were fabulous".
 "Well thank you, it was a pleasure being here". He smiles at her and she is kind of rubbing her hand up and down his arm, which for some reason makes me want to throw up.
 She giggles and keeps touching him, I don't know why this annoy me this much, but it does. "Oh it was a pleasure having you. Listen you shouldn't happen to have the evening of ? We are some friends having a little get together and you would be very welcome".
 "Unfortunately Mr. Levi is previously engaged". I brush her of, then I look at Zac. "We need to get going now".
 "I better listen to my puplicist, but thanks for the invitation". He says with a smile, and follows me out, I can feel his eyes burning into my neck and I must admit that I don't look forward to being alone with him.
 And I was right, he glare at me the whole way back to the hotel, and then hey grabs my elbow pulling me with him to his suite and I know I am in trouble.
 "What the hell was that about Bree ? I have previous engagements tonight and you know that very well". He is narrowing his eyes at me, his arms crossed on his chest.
 I don't know what to say, I don't know why I did it and I look down, having to catch my breath, he is so damn hot when he is angry ? The burning eyes, the way he seems even taller, his voice.. Oh God his voice, it hits me right in my lady parts.
 "Well ! Care to explain Bree". He continues to stare me down, and I feel I am about to end up in a puddle on the floor.
 I bite my lip, looking down, trying to find the words. "I just thought it was a bad idea, you know as your puplicist".
 "Look at me Bree". He demands, and I lift my eyes, getting nailed by his stare. "Honestly, do you want me to believe that ? Admit it, you were jealous".
 I am shaking my head, no I wasn't, why should I be that, we are not dating or anything, I have no claim on him.
 He grabs me, his lips crashing down on mine, I might bit his bottom lip just a little hard, but it only makes him moan, lifting me up and I already know there is no reason to fight him as he carries me to his bed, not breaking the searing kiss for a second.

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