To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


15. He has a date too

 *Bree POV*
 "Zac". I gasp as I realise who the man who just entered the restaurent is, the reason for me being so distracted this evening.
 "Sorry ? What did you say?" Darren looks at me with a confused expression, I can see out of the corner of me eyes, my eyes that are resting on Zac, he has spotted me to now.
 I swallow hard, tearing my eyes away from Zac and back to Darren. "I'm sorry, my friend.. Uh client just walked in".
 Clearing my throat I give Darren a sweet smile and try to ignore that Zac is here with some chick.
 Not that it should bother me, but why in hell does he have to go on a date on the same night as me and then choose the same restaurent on top of it ? I kind of feel caught in a bad joke or a trippy dream, because this can't be happening.
 "Sorry, I didn't quite get that". I suddenly realise Darren was talking to me, I take a sip of my wine, trying to swallow the lump of awkwardness in my throat.
 "Do you want to go say hi to him or something ? It would be fine with me". Darren smile at me, and I just stare blankly at him for a moment, Oh God this evening is a disaster.
 "Oh no, it quite fine, I see him all the time, I am your date tonight not his, so you have my full attention". I say very aware that it is a blatant lie.
 Dareen looks at a point behind me. "Well he seems to want to say hallo, he is on his way over here right now".
 I turn around and our eyes lock immediately, Zac is seending me a flashing smile as he steps up to our table. "Bree, what a pleasurable surprise".
 "You can say that again". I chuckle nervously, as Zac bows down to press a soft kiss to my cheek.
 "So you two on a date ?" Zac ask me, eyeing Darren, as he takes a step back from the table.
 "Well what does it look like ?" I reply cheekily, annoyed about him showing up here looking all handsome and sexy.
 "Sorry". He chuckles, but his face tells me he is anything but sorry. "I better get back to my own table then. You two have fun".
 "Thanks, you too". I give back, plastering on a fake smile, trying to ignore the way he is narrowing his eyes at me in the most arousing way. Winking at me, he sends Darren a polite smile, before turning around walking back to his own date.
 "I'm sorry about that, he can be ..". I sigh, while trying to find the right words to describe Zac. "Nosy and annoying".
 "It is no problem". Darren takes my hand over the table, smiling at me. "I am actually having a pretty great time tonight".
 His eyes find mine and I plaster that fake smile back on, as his thumb gently strokes over the back of my hand. "Me to". I say, only halfway lying this time.
 "How about another drink and after that I'll walk you home ?" Darren asks me and I nod in agreement. "Another drink would be perfect".
 He is still holding my hand, letting his thumb stroke over my hand, my eyes are finding Zac and his date across the room, Zac is openly staring at us, making me look away.
 But I keep seeing him out of the corner of my eye and I can't help looking back at him, his eyes are fixated on Darrens hand on mine and Oh Lord he does not look happy right now.
 Uncomfortable shifting in my seat, the thought that Zac might actually be jealous crosses my mind, then Darren asks me something and I look back at him. "So you work with him ?"
 "Yeah, I am his personal puplicist". I manage to say, my eyes sliding back to Zac, he has finally stopped staring at us.
 I swallow hard, as I can't fail to notice how the woman with Zac is practically eye-fucking him across the table, but he doesn't seem to notice. What a damn slut !
 Zac is more than just a handsome piece of ass, she is lucky he is even giving her the time of day. I mean, who do she think she is ? Ugh the thought that she might be going home with him after dinner, the idea of them naked and sweating on his bed, I am starting to get a headache.
 "So you are you working together and uhh friends ?" Darren asks, dragging me out of my angry thoughts.
 I nod, hoping I haven't been acting to strange about this. "Yup, only that and nothing more".
 "Oh, just asking you know, just having a hard time imagining any sane man working close with you and not wanting more". Darren says.
 I chuckle a bit at the badly hidden compliment. "Well he can and I am happy about that, though not quite sure about his sanity".
 "I hope it is okay I ask, he is that guy right ? The one that played Chuck right ?" Darren asks me and glance over at Zac.
 I giggle and glance at Zac, he is staring again, until he sees me noticing and I answer. "Yes, that is him".
 I swallow hard, I can't seem to keep my eyes from Zac, he looks so damned handsome, he really can wear a tux. His hair is getting a bit on the longer side and I have to admit I quite like it.
 Biting my lip as I press my thighs together, I catch myself staring at him for way to long, the familiar tugging feeling growing in my stomach again. Will this ever go away ? Or will I always get this slightly cramping feeling in my abdomen when I look at Zac for to long ?
 Shaking my head to snap out of it, I look back at Darren, whom seems a bit star struck. "I thought he looked familiar, I loved that show, he was so good in that".
 "Yeah he is a talented son of a bitch". I say with a slight smirk, watching Zac take a zip of his wine, his eyes fixating on his date. Not wanting to look at him being all mesmerised by her, I look back at my own now empty glass.
 "Anyway, lets change the subject". I suggest and we start talking about all and nothing, as I try to ignore Zac.
 But my eyes keep wandering to him, and several times our eyes meet, my breathing is becoming heavier every time I catch him looking at me. The way he runs his hand through those emerging curls is driving me crazy.
 Biting my lip I look over at him, those warm soft lips and instantly I feel my heart beat faster. I want him, why do I want him ? I am supposed to forget about him but all I can think about is being fucked by him against the wall. This isn't normal.
 The small hairs on the back on my neck and my arms is standing on ends as he turns his head and sends me a very cheeky smirk. I can feel how my hands get sweaty and I press my thighs harder together. 
 "Are you okay ? You are looking kind of stressed og flustered". Darren suddenly asks, making me jump in my seat. Great he noticed.
 Yeah that might be a very accurate description, I am flustered and stressed out because I am so freaking horny for that handsome man sitting over there. "Yeah, maybe a bit, just remembered some paperwork I needed finished today".
 "Oh sorry, and here I am keeping you all evening. Let's get the cheque and get going okay". And before I even noticed I find myself nodding at him.
 Zac's eyes are glued to me as the waiter arrives with the bill and Darren pays for dinner, even when we gets up to leave, it is like Zac can't take his eyes of me, causing me to feel very heated. God that gaze in his eyes is going to be the dead of me.
 "I had nice night Bree and I would like to do it again if you are up to it". Darren says as we are standing outside my door.
 "Me to and I would love to". I say smiling, the fresh air and the distance between Zac and me has cleared my mind. darren is a nice guy and handsome to, I see no trouble in a second date.
 "So I'll call you then?" He asks me sounding hopeful, I smile at him and nod. "I'm looking forward to it".
 "Goodnight Bree". He says, before leaning down, leaving a soft kiss on my cheek and then walking away.
 I sigh and unlock my door, taking of my jacket and throws myself on the couch, what a night, I just need to lie here for a second, before getting a shower and then of to bed.
 I am trying not to think about what Zac is doing right now with his date, I am suddenly ripped from my thoughts by the doorbell and I curse under my breath getting up. "Seriously ?"

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