To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


17. All those confused feelings

 *Zac POV*
 I am laying in the bed in Bree's guest room, wondering what to do, I can't seem to keep my hands of her, and I know why, I am falling in love with her, I can't deny it any longer.
 But I know she still doesn't trust me, that she still keeps telling herself and me, that this has to stop, last night it was the first thing she said after we had the most amazing sex.
 But I do think she has feeling for me too, she just don't want to admit it, not to me, not to herself, I need to make her see, but how ?
 I pull out my phone and text Joel, asking if he has time, maybe he can help me, he might have some great idea, because I am at a loss here.
 Once again it had been utterly amazing and part of me just want to go grab her and repeat it, but I know it wont help pushing her to much, and frankly I don't want to just fuck her anymore, I want to make love to her, to make her mine.
 I sigh and get out of bed, wondering how she will acts towards me this morning and if she is going to see that Darren guy again.
 It had been hell last night, sitting there seeing how he undressed her with his greedy eyes, I had so wanted to go punch him.
 I know I had been there on a date to, but I was actually honest with her, the woman Vicky, was a friend of a friend, actually a friend of Joels, and she had just moved here, it was just kind of a showing her around date, not a romantic one.
 As I put on my clothes I wonder again how this morning will go, wishing that it wasn't this complicated.

*Bree POV*
 How did this happen again ? I simply can't believe it happened again, what the fuck is wrong with me ?
 Last night had started of well, no weird thoughts of persons I shouldn't be thinking of, not before I got to the restaurant and was seated at least. Often I was over thinking things, last night wasn't over thinking though, it was just boredom to start with.
 Den Darren showed up and distracted me for a while, that was until someone unexpected showed up looking all sexy and handsome and I was back to an emotional mess.
 I am standing in my kitchen, looking out the window as I drink my morning coffee, thinking back to last night, wow that had been, well just wow, I had no better word to describe it.
 But I had no idea how we could go from a heated argument, which I still didn't understand we were having, about Darren and that woman he was with, to very heated sex like that.
 I had told him right after sex that we couldn't keep soing this, but he hadjust smirked at me, a so provokingly sexy smirk that I felt my inside clench up, uhh that damn smirk, it shouldn't be allowed.
 "Morning my beautiful". I hear Zacs voice behind me, making me almost drop my cup, I hadn't heard him walk into the kitchen.
 I clear my throat, I just don't dare looking him in the eyes, fearing what it could lead to, but I manage to mumble a. "Good morning. Coffee ?"
 I have already grabbed at cup and pours the coffee, without waiting for him to answer. "Yeah, thanks". He says, accepting the cup, the tips of his fingers just casually brushing over my hand, sending shiwers through me.
 "Did you sleep okay ?" He say, looking over his coffe cup, I still try not to be sucked into his eyes.
 "I sleept fine". I put on that fake smile, this is just so beyond awkward, and I don't really know how to,handle it. "And you ?"
 He looks at me, his head slightly tilted to one side and I feel like he is scanning my soul, baring all, then he just sip his coffee. "Sleept fine".
 He empties his cup, and sits it slowly down on the counter, I can feel his eyes on me, he is slowly stepping closer. "Bree ?"
 "Yes Zac ?" I swallow hard, why do I suddenly find it hard to bread, it it kind of like the air is suddenly liquid and just wont go into my loungs.
 He looks up,at me, his eyes locking into mine, that intense gaze, and I have to grab the counter to stay on my feet as he says. "About last night..".
 "Yeah ? What about it ?" I kind of gasp the words out, but I try not to show how affected I am. And I feel like kicking myself, I should tell him not to come closer, this back and forth, whatever we are doing, it has to stop.
 "Are you going to go out with whats his face again ?" He asks, suddenly glaring at me, making me utterly confused, I thought he was talking about us, about what happened after he showed up here.
 "Excuse me ?" I might be frowning at him now, why is he talking about that ? "You are talking about Darren ?"
 "Yeah of course ? What did you think I was talking about ?" He is asking just a bit to cheeky.
 "Well, I don't know, I haven't thought to much about it". I manage to say, still being very much confused to what this is about. "Maybe.."
 "Maybe.. Is that a yes ?" He cuts me of, is he frowning at me ? What the hell is going on ? I start to feel slightly annoyed.
 "Yeah why not ? He was a very nice guy and handsome to". I say, mostly because he is annoying me. "Why is it so important to you ?"
 He just stare at me for what feels like forever, and I am quite proud, that I manage to hold my own and to squirm under his gaze. "Well it doesn't, I just wanted to know".
 "Good". I pick up my coffee, wishing there was a good measure of rum in it, especially during the next couple of minutes, which we spends in uncomfortable silence.
 Suddenly Zac grabs his jacket and turns towards the door. "I've got to go now".
 "Okay". I walk to the door behind him, ready to close and lock the door behind him, wondering whatbjustbhappened here.
 He slowly turns around, looking at me with a whole new expression on his face, it is sad almost painful, his eyes darker than usual as they lock with mine. "Bree ..?"
 "Yes ?" I look up at him, it is pretty clear from looking into his soulfull eyes, that there is a major internal battle going on inside him.
 "I.. Well.. It..". He is strugling to find the right words, and I am looking at him, patiently waiting, he tries again. "You.. Oh fuck it". And that is when he grabs me, pulling me into a long soft kiss I can only return.
 WHAT THE F....!?
 "See you around Bree". And with that he leaves me, standing there struggling to breath and once again to figure out what happened.

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