To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


8. A long flight

 2 weeks later
 *Bree POV*
 We have just borded the plane for New York, actually it has been easier to work with Zac than I had expected, he mostly just do as he is told without to much fuss.
 But we really haven't have time to talk, but right now we have 5 hours without much to do. There are only one more passanger on business class, and he has his earbuds in.
 When the plane has taken of Zac suddenly looks at me all seriously. "Bree, I am sorry for what happened back then, I shouldn't have lied, I don't know what got into me".
 "Well me neither, but it is the past, lets just forget it, honestly I really don't remember most of it, I must have been more drunk than I realised". I don't know why I am lying, I remember every sorted detail, still now after 2,5 years.
 A look I quite can't read runs over his face for a second, then he says. "Nah me either actually, it is kind of fuzzy".
 "Well it was a mistake, we have both paid for it, so lets handle it like adult, no one can know okay ?" I say.
 He sends me a small smile and nod slowly. "Right, no one should know, what happens in Hawaii will stay in Hawaii".
 "And that will never happen again. It was just a one time thing". I mumble and holds out my hand to him.
 "Right ?" I ask waiting for him to shake my hand and kind of seal the deal, somwe can go foward from here.
 For a few seconds he is just looking at me with those big beautiful eyes, then he clears his throat and grabs my hand, shaking it. "Right".
 The touch of his hand immediately sends a shiver down my spine, a smirk plus on his lips, making me wonder wheather he felt it to or if he knows what I am thinking.
 "This is it then, purely working together from now". He says, my hand still in his, neither of us wanting to let go for some reason.
 "It won't happen again". I mumble, my voice silent and barely audible as I seem to get lost in his eyes for just a moment in time. "End of story".
 Zac starts watching a movie and I try to read my book, but suddenly I can't stop thinking about that night. His warm lips on my skin, his long fingers touching me, leving burning trails. Our hot, sweaty bodies moving in a perfect sync. The intense pleasure.
 I can almost feel his kisses on my skin, his lips, his nose rubbing against mine as he bites my lip with passion and complete desire, the thoughts are sending a shiwer down my spine. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT BREE.
 "You look a little pale, can I get you something to drink ?" Zac is suddenly asking me, actually looking at me with concern.
 "No fine". I manage to studder out, as I shake my head, clenching my thighs. God this is a disaster.

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