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Song lyrics parody also written by me

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4. 💕~Waiting for him to come~💕




Waiting for him to come ~


When will my Rose even turn from black to red?



Where is my Prince Charming on his  white horse could he be alive or dead?


I've been waiting for someone to  save me from   My dull boring life.


Why can't you hear me call I'm been waiting for  you to come all my life so all I do is wait and sigh for you to come and saved from my mess up life.  


I did  believed in you and I   


but I'm so tired of  waiting   So I tried  running for awhile  chasing the birds across the sky looking for you.  


Part of my heart thinks that you have die! 


The other part thinks you're alive! 


because I'm waiting for you to come all my life 


(Guitar solo)


I was about to  give up( I tried)  


your not coming to save your future wife!


I give up I tried ( please time go slow)  


Please time go slow  (please time go slow) (x3)


I finally found you  my missing  piece 


But now all I can do is weep  


Time just stopped  for you and I 


I don't care about I'm  (To crying) 


So I waited for you to come but you don't show all this time.....I can't believe that your dead  and your not mine!  (Your not mine)


🔥~Guitar solo~🔥


I was so close to  calling you mine 


I was chasing the birds across the sky 


Just Waiting for him to come,


 Waiting for him to come
















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