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8. 💕The bird song Kallura💕 fan made

Allura part

You make my heart go upside down you have me.

Failing to my keens you got me chasing my own heart.

This little blue bird is speaking to her own heart to you.

So we go across the road to the garden that I called home.

Under the green tree, we watch the stars until the sun comes up.

I fell asleep beside you other times an apple falls on to your head.

That I cannot help but laugh.

This little blue bird will tell you one day her true feelings tonight.

Keith’s part

My little darling as we sit under this tree.

I know that you have feelings for me.

You make me tongue tide. Or Maybe it’s just all the apples heading my head.

But I will give you my answer tonight under the starry sky because with you I cannot hide my Robin heart.

So come by my house across the Stream.

My little blue bird you have heart.

And when I’m with you completely my heart.

It like you ate a sugar cookie that is my heart.

So yes I love you so much we may not have the red strain of faith.

But I still care for you anyway.

Each day goes by night and day your on my mind.

What I’m trying to say I love you my little blue bird.

Night or rain you take all the pain away.

Your my heeler and I’m your fighter.

Blue bird I just wanted to say I love you so much.

And I’m glad you came into my life.

We don’t need the string of faith.

We have your pink scarf and my red to start.

So babe you’re like dream so come by my house for my answer to night.

My little blue bird I love you so that I cannot let you go.

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