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6. Hollywood Dust/Hollywood Dream

Hollywood Dust/Hollywood dream 


 Rap song part

Every sense I was a little kid I allway’s dream of being on a TVShow or acting.


I thought it so real and all of the teaching.


I promise myself that I will make it. 


I wanted to be them not just for the money and the Fame.


But I wanted everyone to know my name 


Scratch that the whole world 


So I after college I addition for a few parts.


I got a few downs then one day 


I got yes  for the part.


Today I was happy I was making history. 


Then the last episode came today I cannot believe it has been a month. 


No one wanted me my life over. 


Hollywood is just a dream. 


Yes we may go to party’s or have all the girls in the world 


But it’s really not there it’s just Magic in the air. 


Once it’s done it’s done 


I’m finally done making history  


Now I’m living on street I lost everything I had 


Hollywood dream has turned into Hollywood dust. 


Every thing is like a fairy tale None of it is real 


The Actors are real but the characters not 


Yah now I’m sitting here in Hollywood as the dust turns black and my Hollywood dream turns cold.

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