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Song lyrics parody also written by me

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5. 💔Falling Angel❤️

❤️~ Falling Angel~💔

Now you’re gone

You used to have my back

Now I see you in my dreams

Come back I want you back

You’re confidence is what I lack

I miss your warmth when we hugged me.

I miss you now my wings are.

Melted I’m crashing without sound

I’m fallen down to earth broken and sad x2

I missed you my love now you’re a promises breaker

I having mixed emotions all the happy and sad

Now I hated you my promise breaker

I’m now a falling angel...

I will miss the time that we had but I know all the time we had was not real

I want to feel really love

But I know it’s not real

So now I walk alone on this earth

For something that not real

I’m a falling angel so do we have a deal?

Take my hand kind sir because you must be the real one I’m looking for.

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