couch(,) baby

A collection of poems


4. I fell in love with a man behind a screen

I allow myself to

sleep forever

my parents' double bed or

outside by the herbs that my mother

grows in the summer in our


the leather chair in my sister's room

the floor

anywhere is nice,


my laziness and sadness bothers

nearly everyone

except you



you are pulsating behind a virtual

chat room

in your eyes I am 

always groovy and pretty

I puke

after dinner

then text you back

as I lay stomach down on the bathroom floor

leveled with the ground


if you shaved

if so: why?

if not: why?

if I were to die

right now I hope

I turn my phone off

lovers in cyperspace

frozen in time

meet me in your facebook comments

I react to your all profile picture

like, always

heart that shit to death

my dearest, I love our

complicated distance

always close

always far

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