Sunsets and swords

A princess has been kidnapped! Will the cinders burn again? (It's not a pets and animals book that's a glitch)


3. the dungeon

I must have blacked out! I see iron bars infront of me, and stone bricks on all other sides. Not cobble stone like the castle, but covered with moss and gross stuff. I heard something in the pitch black out side the bars. I didn't want to sit or go to a corner of the room because it would probably be gross or dirty. So I stood in the middle of the room. Another masked figure stood before me. I used my best, strongest voice and said "How dare you kill the King and Queen. Take off your mask and show yourself fool. I demand it!" I could tell he was not very old, a boy when he laughed and said " Oh yes I'm such a fool! I'm cowering in fear." "Well who are you." I retorted quickly, regaining my stance. "Sorry, I can't tell you. But anyway I came to give you a scroll from the new king, I'm glad he didn't come himself, your a sight!" He placed a scroll in the dungeon cell. I was to fast for him though. I ran and grabbed his arm, twisting it behind his back. " looks like princess self defense payed off!" I sneered at him. "Come on! This is stupid." I sensed he probably rolled his eyes. "Who. Are. You." I repeated. "You think I would tell you-" I twisted his arm tighter. "Ouch! Fine I'm...well no one could hear me if I yell for help... I don't feel like dying today so I'll tell you. Im the new prince." I was shocked and lost my hold. He twisted away. "You stole my spot!" I cried

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