Sunsets and swords

A princess has been kidnapped! Will the cinders burn again? (It's not a pets and animals book that's a glitch)


1. sacrifices and sadness

A terrible sight lay before Cinder. Her life flashed in her eyes, fifteen years ago, a little baby born in the castle , named Cinder for her dark grey eyes. Five years old, scolded for trying to cut her long dark hair with scissors. The maid being fired for leaving them within her reach. Guilt, and tears. Twelve years old, stomping to her room when learning she couldn't go outside the castle until she was eighteen. Her lively eyes turning dull with the shadows. The happy memories, singing with the bird out side her window, but darkness coming back when her parents fill in the window with stone because it's a hazard. Christmas, a beautiful tree. Many presents from the village. Secret pen pals with a village girl. Then all thoughts dashed away into the back of Cinder's brain. The king, her dad in front of her, the room in flames. The queen, laid dead in the corner. A masked person about to kill me, I scream as my dad races towards them, pushing both of them back out the hall. I run after them, coughing smoke. Part of the wall broke. As the guy reached me his knife cut into my shoulder. At almost the same time, I back up, the masked guy turned and my dad ran into him with a dagger. As they tumbled, the ceiling collapsed crushing both of them with fire soot and stone. A cried out! "Dad! Dad No!" I layed in a heap sobbing. I didn't care if I got burnt and died. At least I would be with my family, no matter how much I hated them at times. Suddenly I got carried away. I didn't look up to see who it was. "Why did this happen!" I wailed and cried over and over. "Shut up girl." A gruff voice said as I got thrown into a sack.

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