Random Writing

Just a compilation of writing I've made for my creative writing class.


4. My Awakening (Short Story)

​I've been thinking about taking the concept of this story and making it into a full length novel. If you're interested in something like this, comment and I'll try my best to get it out as soon as possible.

The bitter fall air pierced through my clothes, chilling me to the bone. It seemed out of place as the sun peeked through the colorful leaves that hopelessly clung to outstretched branches.  As I continued down the leaf- ridden path, a soothing crunch filled my ears with every step I took.  The deliciously captivating scent of fall filled my nose: the smell of trees, fresh air, and…pumpkin?

            Rounding a corner, I spied my older brothers, Sam and Damon, off in the distance.  With a devilish grin, I lurched into a full sprint, leaped, and tackled them both into the giant pile of leaves that someone had undoubtedly spent the better part of an afternoon raking.

            “Slow down there, Shortcake!” Damon mumbled through a face full of leaves as Sam ruffled my hair.

            “Miss us that much, Dani?” Sam laughed as he watched me glare at him, smacking his hand away from my head as I desperately tried to comb the crushed leaves out of my hair.

            “Like I could ever miss you, Sammy.” I state an obvious lie, the smile on my face growing stronger each time I look at either of them.

            The truth is, I couldn’t have been happier. Damon and Sam have been away at college for the past three years, and this was the first time I had seen either one since they both left.  The three of us got up and dusted ourselves off.  As we left the now destroyed pile of leaves, we laughed, caught up, and reminisced.

            As we continued down the serene path, I heard a noise from behind a concentrated group of trees.

            “Did you guys hear that?” I asked, a worried look dispelling the smile that had laced my face just seconds before.  Both brothers silently nod, taking what I assume to be defensive stances towards the grouping of trees.

            Suddenly, a grotesque figure faintly resembling a cross between a human and lizard slinked out from behind the trees.  My heartbeat increased rapidly as fear enveloped me.  I stood there, paralyzed.

            “Get behind us, Dani!” Damon yelled as he and Sam drew out what looked like strange glowing blades from inside their jackets.

            “What the heck,” I gasped, not understanding what was happening.

            “Dani, get behind us or so help me I’ll”- Sam started to yell but got interrupted as the creature launched itself at me.  Everything went black.


            My eyes fluttered open, quickly re-closing due to the sharp ray of light filtering throughout the room. I shot straight up and looked around.  The room was unfamiliar. Wincing from an incessant pounding in my head, I swung my legs off the cot I had been placed on, in an attempt to find my brothers, worried about what had become of them.

            “Whoa, where do you think you’re going?” a familiar voice exclaimed.  I sat back down on the bed and looked up to see Sam’s face contorted into a worried grin.

            “What happened, Sam? What the heck was that…thing that attacked me?” I whisper-yelled at Sam, unable to muster a full yell as my throat burned as if on fire.

            “What thing, Dani? I think you need to lay back down,” Sam said, the expression on his face clearly betraying his attempt to lie.

            “Sam, I know what I saw.  And if you won’t tell me what happened, I’ll find someone who will.”

            “Just tell her Sammy,” Damon muttered, entering the room and breaking the awkward silence that draped the room. “She deserves to know.”

            Sam sighed, took a deep breath and started to explain. “Our family is part of an ancient race of warriors called Demon Hunters. We hunt demons and keep the peace between supernatural creatures.”

            “Everything you’ve heard of, from vampires and werewolves to wizards, warlocks, and witches…it’s all real.” Damon finished.

            “So, basically what you’re saying is that while you two were supposedly off at college, you were actually off fighting creatures that crawled out of some Black Lagoon?” I asked them.  They both nodded in response. I couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculousness of their explanation. “So, what, are there mummies and zombies running around Seattle?   Ha ha guys, very funny, but I’m not falling for it. Now tell me what the heck is really going on.”

            “We’re not pulling your leg, Dani. The thing that attacked you was a Rahab demon,” Damon explained.

            “Yeah, and this year I’m going to Hogwarts to ride some unicorns,” I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. “Sorry guys, but I’m not interested in joining your supernatural fight club.”

            “You’re going to have to eventually.  Mom and dad were going to tell you once you turned eighteen, just like they did for us,” Sam explained.

            “Wait, mom and dad told you?” I asked. “They told you, but not me? I mean, you two couldn’t keep a hamster alive for more than a week! How did they expect you to save lives, much less keep your own?!” I shouted at them, anger, frustration, and hurt cemented onto my face.

            “You’ll have to ask them why they chose not to tell you. They made us swear to not tell you otherwise we would’ve told you the second we found out,” Sam said.

            “So, everything my family told me over the past few years, was a bunch of lies?” I ask getting increasingly frustrated and hurt with every passing second. The tension in the room was tangible.  You could cut it with a knife.  Tears uncontrollably filled my eyes. Not wanting anyone to see me cry, I bolted out of the room, ignoring my brothers’ insistent cries.

            I ran until I could no longer breathe.   Stumbling, I searched for a place to rest until came upon an old abandoned warehouse.  I leaned up against what was left of a once sturdy brick wall and tried to catch my breath and stem the constant stream of tears cascading down my cheeks.  I leaned all my weight against the wall and crumpled into a sobbing heap.

            My sobs lessened as my ears perk up to what I could only describe as a low throaty growl.  I spun around and saw another creature just like the one that I had encountered in the woods earlier.

            “Looks like I found the youngest Carson,” the demon said in a slurred hiss.  “I can’t wait to hear your cries of agony as I feast on your delectable bones.”

            All I could think to do was scream and run away, so that’s exactly what I did. My heart beat wildly not only from the sprinting, but from the immense terror coursing through my bones.  As I continued my flight down the narrow path, I heard the demon chasing after me and yelling, “You can run but you can’t hide my delicious dinner!”

            I turned a corner in an attempt to elude my attacker, but I hit a dead end.  As I turned to continue my escape, the demon was blocking my path and licking its lips.  I was trapped! My fear had grown so much to the point where all I could feel was my heart beating rapidly, my blood pumping so fast it made my head dizzy.

            “Looks like you’ve got nowhere else to go, little Carson. Better accept your defeat now.” It hissed again, and tears began to stain my face as my fate seemed certain.

            The demon inched towards me, its eyes growing hungrier with each and every step.  I trembled uncontrollably as waves of fear coursed through my body, leaving my feet feeling cemented into the ground.  I did not want this to be my end.

            “Stay away from me!” I yelled shakily, attempting to conceal my terror.

            “Now why would I want to do that, sweetheart?” it hissed, before taking one final lunge at me.

            The next series of actions unfolded as if in slow motion.  I extended my arm towards the demon, hearing Sam and Damon’s screams in the distance.  I felt a rush of emotion before a bright ray of light burst from my hand.  The demon screeched as the light pierced its thick skin. The power surging through my hand was massive, seeming to destroy every dark and evil thing it touched.

            As quickly as the light appeared, it was gone leaving nothing but a smoldering pile of ashes in its wake.  I collapsed to my knees; the only thought running through my mind was, “Did I really just do that?”

            Damon and Sam rushed over to me, crushing me in an enormous bear hug. Still in awe of what just happened, I couldn’t understand what they were trying to say to me.

            “What?” I asked in a confused tone. They just laughed and hugged me tighter than before.

            “We’re just glad you’re okay, Dani,” Damon said.

            “How is any of this possible?” I ask, my voice stronger than I felt.

            “Demons have the ability to travel through dimensions, so that’s probably how that little bugger got”- Sam started to say before getting cut off by Damon bringing his elbow sharply into Sam’s stomach.

            “Don’t start with the logistics of it all yet, Sammy. Give Dani some time to adjust to this. Remember how you felt when you found out?” Damon says.

            My breathing slows down back to normal as I listen to their conversation. As I looked back on my life, I always felt like there was something missing from my life. Now knowing all of this, I felt that void being filled.

            “I’m sorry I ran out on you guys,” I interrupt them. “I completely believe you now, though.”  Who wouldn’t after just killing a freaking demon with their bare hands?

            They just nodded continuing to hug me as we made our way back to their apartment. During the walk, I couldn’t help but think how significantly my life changed in just a matter of hours.  My life would no longer be mundane like it had been before today.  I had no choice but to leave the comfort of my childhood and venture into the unknown.  I wouldn’t be reading about the fight between good and evil, I would be living it.  And strangely, I felt prepared for it all.

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