Random Writing

Just a compilation of writing I've made for my creative writing class.


2. 5 Seconds of Yes (Memoir)

It started on a weekend in August. Well, more specifically the last weekend. I had been anticipating this day for almost a year. Ever since my friend, Janel, introduced me to them, I couldn’t get them out of my head. Their music was just so captivating that I blindly fell into the never-ending hole that is the band 5 Seconds of Summer.

            It was around 3 o’clock when I heard the familiar sound of the house alarm announcing that someone had entered the house; more specifically, my sister, Maddy. I bounded up the stairs to grab my stuff for tonight and tomorrow morning. I slung my bag over my shoulder, very careful to not ruin my nails that I “slaved over” just for this occasion. Walking back downstairs, I saw my parents sitting on the sofa in their respective spots in conversation with Maddy, who was leaning against the arm of the sofa next to my mom, her hands draped across her pregnant belly.

            After being semi-lectured about safety precautions, Maddy and I walked out to her car. “Are you ready?” she asked, starting up the car. I started laughing strangely, then turning serious, I said, “Yes.” We both laughed as she backed out of our driveway; the playlist that I made on Spotify specifically for this began to play. The first song that came up was “Don’t You Go” by All Time Low, which I immediately started singing along to, making Maddy smile. We both knew that there was going to be a lot of this in the next 8-12 hours. “Go straight at South Kingston road,” the GPS, which we have named Judy like my family does with all of our GPS systems, states in her monotone voice, breaking off my not-so-melodious singing.

            This is how most of the drive goes, until we hit the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It’s the first time she’s driving across it, and also my first time in the passenger’s seat going across it. “Maegan, can you grab a ten out of my wallet, please?” Maddy asks me, pulling up to one of the toll booth lines. I quickly grab her wallet and hand her the money right as she pulls up to the booth. After receiving the ticket, we start to drive off the bridge, only to be cut off by a bunch of idiots trying to take a shortcut. Maddy then starts swearing colorfully. Just like our father, I thought. Soon after, we arrived at the part that truly terrified me; I had to start giving directions.

            I don’t even know why I was so worried in the first place, I did perfect…okay, I did the exact opposite. I ended up getting us lost multiple times, making us take what our mom would call, “the scenic route”. Those few minor setbacks didn’t prevent us from having plenty of time to eat dinner at the Olive Garden. We both ended up getting our favorite, Chicken Gnocchi soup. Due to my unnecessary anxiety, I only ended up eating half a breadstick and a few spoonfuls of soup, boxing up the rest for me to eat later.

            Getting back on the road was nerve-racking, not knowing what was to come. “Maddy, I don’t care how much I beg you, don’t take me home,” I ended up saying to her. She just chuckled and said, “Sure,” even though she knew that she wouldn’t even need to keep that promise. After arriving at the amphitheater, my nervousness and anxiety started to transform into excitement and anticipation. We get out of the car and stood in line, waiting to get in. I notice how all of these other girls were dressed, all in band tees, more preferably 5SOS tees, black jeans, and flannels. I suddenly felt very strangely dressed in my Stitch shirt. But then I remembered how I didn’t want to look like one of those basic groupies and calmed myself down.

            Soon after, we got onto the premise of the amphitheater and it was time for me to get the one thing I will treasure just as much as this experience: band merch. We got in one of the shortest lines and I ended up getting a tour tee and program (which was just pictures of their faces <3). Then both Maddy and I had to go to the bathroom, so we went to the nearest one, which also led to me dropping all of my stuff on the floor; definitely not my most glorifying moment.

            After meeting up outside, Maddy and I headed over to the stage and took our seats. We ended up sitting, chatting, taking pictures, and jamming out to the music already blasting from the speakers until the girls who were sitting next to me, introduced themselves as Emma and Hailey. We started talking and quickly became friends, and since then we have become even closer - I still keep in contact with them today. A well-known tune to the entirety of the 5SOS family started playing through the speakers, which everyone in the audience started singing along to; “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus, which was the first song that 5SOS officially covered. My sister, seeing the joy in all three of our faces, took out her phone and recorded us belting the lyrics and sent the video to our parents so they could see what was happening and be a part of this experience.

            Not long after the song ended, the first opening act, a band called Roy English, came on and started playing. They were good, not to mention highly attractive, at least until the lead singer took off his shirt and threw it to some screaming fangirls in the front row. All four of us were turned off by it, so we sat down and started talking again.

            About thirty minutes passed and the next opening act was on stage, Hey Violet. We were on our feet again, and this time stayed on our feet because of our love for this band. We sang and danced along to the five songs that they played, our adrenaline rising as the seconds passed. It became increasing hard to sing as our smiles were stretching our faces as wide as they possibly could. The anticipation for the boys to come on stage was tangible and unbelievably high.

            The stage lights turned off leaving the amphitheater in darkness. Then we heard Ashton starting to bang on the drums and the back lights turned on leaving us to look at the silhouettes of Luke, Michael, and Calum. The lights in front of Luke turned on and they started to play their song, Carry On. They played a whole range of their songs, including the songs from their newest album, “Sounds Good Feels Good”. Hailey, Emma, and I sang every word of every song, only missing a few words to take a breath, dancing, singing, and screaming all the way. The emotions felt throughout each song was so strong, I eventually ended up crying throughout most of it. A lot of their songs I really relate to, so it was truly amazing to see it live and see them pouring their hearts out into each song.

            The saddest part of the evening inevitably came and the concert ended. My ears felt like they were filled with cotton balls and my throat was so soar that I could barely talk, but it was totally worth it.

            The ride home was anything but boring. Since my sister’s car didn’t have any GPS device built in or even in it, we had to use her phone and from where we were, it didn’t seem to want to work. So through a bunch of confusion, crocodile tears, and a call to her husband, we ended up getting to her house safe and sound.

            I ended up having to sleep on the couch in their living room which actually wasn’t bad at all. It was the comfiest couch I have ever encountered. Falling asleep wasn’t all that hard, despite the fact that their cats, Yzma and Todd, were running around like they were high on cat nip all night. But none of that stopped me from dreaming about everything that had occurred that day.

            Waking up, I found Yzma laying on my chest and Todd behind my bent knees. Why couldn’t they have done this earlier? I thought. After eating breakfast, which consisted of Fruit Loops, and playing with Maddy’s niece, Maria, my mom had finally come to pick me up. I ended up recounting the whole night in perfect detail on the ride home with her. Once we got back home and I cleaned myself up, Emma and Hailey texted me. We had been texting ever since we left the concert.

            We’ve been discussing the possibility of us starting a band together along with Janel. All four of us had the same music interests like Green Day, Blink-182, All Time Low, and, of course, 5 Seconds of Summer. All of us have some music experience and ability, the question now is how to combine it all together into a coherent sound. The only thing any of us have ever done that came close to this was band in school, which is a completely different experience.

The first time we all got together and practiced was so confusing. We had no idea what to do, so Hailey ended up going to the nearest music store, which happened to be American Music over in Seattle. She ended up buying 15-20 pieces of music, just so that we could be prepared for our following rehearsals. The day after, during lunch at school, we went into the band room to start practicing, since none of us had any of the proper equipment. We ended up playing about 3 of the new pieces that Hailey bought. Playing with these girls was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Just hearing our sound and knowing that it was us that were creating it was just the best feeling.

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve gotten together a few times and practiced some covers together. We’ve even started writing our own music, not that it’s any good at this point. We haven’t decided if we’re going to go anywhere with the band besides it being a hobby, much less what our name is going to be. All I know is that right now, with how everything is going, it feels right. It’s a little terrifying to think about what could happen if we do put ourselves out there. We’ve been told by countless amounts of people that we should, our band director, Mr. Guenther, our families, and other teachers and students that have heard us play. I’ve never been one to put myself out there. My friends on the other hand…let’s just say I won’t have much of a choice about starting a YouTube channel. Even if we crash and burn, we’ll probably still stay together. Our friendship is one of the closest I think I’ve ever had. I don’t think that there’s much that could tear us apart. So regardless of the outcome of this band, I’ll have to thank 5SOS for this friendship that will last a lifetime.

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