When Caroline finally steps out of her comfort zone,and goes on a date their is some trials and tribulations she goes through...


2. The Neighborhood WatchDogs

Caroline began to prance and dance until she made it home. 

It was 3:15 on the dot and Caroline went straight into her room, but to only find out that the next door neighbor( an old grey haired woman) was simply watching her. Caroline couldn't take it no more and started shouting at the poor old women. " What's wrong with you, (Caroline shouted with anger) This would now be the time you reply, ( but the old woman remained silent) Can't a girl get ready for a date in peace. Caroline sighed in frustration and then continued to stump her way over to the window and slammed the window shut!

Now puzzled by the time what was now 4:55

Caroline didn't shower or picked out her outfit, but it was still possible to get ready. Caroline then rushed into the shower. She her a voice, it was her mother's ( ''Caroline they called me to work i'm gone and i won't be back until 11:00)  Okay shouted Caroline, and then she proceeded to get out and put on her make-up.  

It was now 5:47. and Caroline had went into her room and slip on her best outfit.

Ring,Ring,Ring. It was the phone. ''Hello'' said Caroline 

Hey,Honey i got to go to work tonight and won't be until late at night.

The phone had hung up.

Mommy, Caroline said confused and instantly her stomach twisted and a sense of fear came over her. 

Who was in my house!!

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